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Eyca01 For the Love of Dereth!

Valentine's Day approaches, when a young warrior's heart turns from carnage to more romantic pursuits. In observance of the holiday, we want to hear about your own romantic AC experiences -- both good and bad.

Eyca01 Wintersebb Opens

To help accommodate the burgeoning population of Asheron's Call, the doors to the new server world, Wintersebb, have opened wide!

Choose a World to Enter

If you are new, choose a world at the top of the list. Remember what world you enter -- your game character will live there!

(Population: 15957)
Players  Game Worlds

   1781   Solclaim
   1965   Leafcull
   2009   Harvestgain
   2078   Morningthaw
   2112   Frostfell
   2277   Thistledown
   2330   Wintersebb
   1405   Darktide (PK only)

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