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January 18th, 2006 - HG

Kid of HG reports: "Hey Maggie! First of all, thank you for making such a great website! Today (January 18th, 2006) on patch day, +Turbine Sappho came for a visit on HG's new PKL Arena. For some reason she focused her attention on me and circled me with her Frelorn Slayer sword (which I think is just the Fallen Sword except renamed to Frelorn Slayer).

I ended up attacking her and anyone around her. She killed me, but I came back and soon there were more people. I attacked her again but SOME people came to her defense. It ended up being a big fight. She has really nice magic defense considering she was LEVEL 40 btw! Dark Death I, Cliper Battlemage and myself ended up clearing the place out except for Sappho. She ended up killing me again though. And when I came back to attack her, she ended up dropping me in Fort Teth! I thought I was dead but she just teased me and I only lost 86 damage.

I went back in the arena AGAIN, but I figured that I'd just bug her for a title :P - she ended up debuffing me though. I tried to dispel the debuffs but she was streaking light bolts at me while I was fizzling (she totally debuffed me). She ended up killing me but I got VP - I'm guessing there was a bug that made me and her PK. She gave me a Pack P, a Pack Remoran, and a brand new title! Woot! I wanted it to be "Pwned by Sappho" but she didn't want it to be negative."

March 17th, 2006 - SC

Hey, here's a screen shot of the visitor we got pretty late at night (March 17th, 11:30ish). We found him running around Mayoi saying, "you'll never get me pot of gold!" He was going around all the nexus towns. He ran really fast and somehow would jump and then be on top of a building. I was able to catch up to him a couple times but didn't know what to do. Here's his screen shot, courtesy of Speel Chekk of SC. I am Fenix reborn of SC.

April Fools - Rare Pack Idols!

Archer Nemy reports: "There was a live event in Holtburg.... You had to kill mad cows and when you killed the level 1034 Very Mad Cow, it opened a portal to Ulgrim's Island.

Most people gave up at this point. But we ran around and there was The Black Breaths who were now spawned all over the island. They dropped black balls which you put in a stein. When you gave them to Ulgrim's Hatch, it let you in....

Inside there is a guy who sends you to Xarabydun to find a rare item which is a Rare Red Pack Idol. Characters names that made this possible: Archer Nemy, Pharo, Itabie the Red, Xaoli"

Unstable Carebear of FF reports: "Well after killing a Very Mad Cow tonight, April 1st, in Holtburg, we were summoned a portal to Ulgrim's Island where we were led to the Mysterious Hatch. Black Breathes were spawned and upon death dropped a Black Ball. When applied to an Empty Beer Stein found outside his house, he made a Black Ball in a Stein!

Burt Magnum of TD reports: "The hatch opened today. The death of a Very Mad Cow in Holtburg preceded the opening of a portal to Ulgrim's Island. Here, a new spawn of black breaths was to be found near the crater. Killing a Black Breath yielded a black ball. Ulgrim, shown this black ball, suggests it might be combined with a beer stein; doing so creates a potentially explosive device. Apply this to the mysterious hatch (you'll need some of Wah Chon's Winter Brew to get back to the island) and you'll be portalled beneath the hatch. There, Ulgrim the Unquiet tells you of a new quest starting in Xarabydun concerning some crazed, conspiratorial Zharalim -- seek out the special bookcase which portals you to a dungeon containing Rare Pink and Red Pack Idol Dolls.

Super level 1034 cow in Holtburg. Kill it (drops a bunch of crap), carefully. There were plenty of noob corpses laying around. Once it dies, a portal to Ulgrim's Island will open and it lasts about three minutes.

Portal to the Island, pick up a Stein on your way (behind the drop on the ground). There are a number of Black Breaths scattered around the Small Golems part of the island. Kill one, pick up the Black Ball it drops. Combine the Ball and the Stein to get a Black Ball inside a Stein. Original. Anyways. Find the Mysterious Hatch in front of the volcano on the left side (almost at the base). Give the Balled Stein to the Hatch and it'll teleport you underneath the island. Walk down the hallway, hang the first left. Ulgrim number three is waiting inside. Talk to him, he tells you to go to Xarabydun and find a rare text hidden inside a bookcase.

Hit up Xarabydun, go down the hole in front of the drop. Hang your first right, then hug the right wall until you get down to the Pub. Opposite the Pub's door is a closed door which inside has a clickable Bookcase. Click on it.

It portals you to a dungeon full of Zharalim, gimpy style. Around level 75, I was fine buffless. Scattered around the dungeon are Rare Pink and Rare Red Pack Idols. Pick one up.

Riordan Nightbane

Swordsman the Player reports: "Dear Maggie, love the site. At around 6:50 pm central time (April 6th) a live event started with someone called Riordan Nightbane who was sent to investigate the mukkir. Eleven players counting myself answered his call in Holtburg. After going through the Repository near the Sepulcher of Nightmares, we reached the bottom, found the Shadow Stone and took several back to Sarkin Killcrane for him. Pics attached of rewards including a reward of turning a weapon of our choice into a shadow slayer and a black luster pearl."

Augusto of HG from the Nights Reborn reports: "Here are pictures from today's live event hosted by Riordan Nightbane. The event started in Holtburg on HG server at approx. 8:00 pm Eastern time. Riordan Nightbane opened a portal to Caul island where we then ran to the Repository dungeon. We had 11 companions along with Riordan Nightbane, making our way thru the dungeon to the room where the damaged shadow stone spawned on the floor. We all picked one up and then Riordan Nightbane instructed us all to meet him in Wei Jiou where he rewarded us all with shadow slayer imbued on our weapon of choice plus a writ and assorted other gifts. My gift was a black pearl which increases all attributes by 2 for 10 min. All in all it was a successful event and Riordan Nightbane assured us all of the importance of this event and that it was instrumental in helping the The Nights of the Golden Flame.

Pastel Rabbits - MT

A report from MT: "Here's a screenshot of admin Kirby toying with us while we waited for Pookie to respawn. He was spawning pastel rabbits on us while we waited and running by us. One of our fellow members couldn't see him as he ran by so he paused for a moment and I snapped a pic. In the Pic all from Morningthaw are Replex, Queensknight, Purple Willow, Toidy, and Og the Foot. Admin Kirby is the little white guy on the left side the screen."

May 14th, 2006 - MT

Hiya Maggie, hope all is well at home with your little one. Here's some screen shots of the action after the live event on Sunday. +Admin Speed was on hand to remove vitae and took requests for the spawning of special mobs. One of which was the dreaded Very Mad Cow!!!! I tell ya, that's one agitated bovine!! Speed also spawned some Baby TMs and full grown TMs as well as some White Rabbits. I managed not to get whacked by Jared Kurth like the 3 times. He killed me on Friday when I was the first to die by that big honking sword!!! I'm really proud of my fellow MTers, the Whispering Blade and even them scoundrels in the Roussa Morta :P. It's been great to see everyone get involved and really get into this story arc. I came to the game right after the shadow wars so this is a real treat for me!! Great site Maggie!

Zombie Incursion Survivor - TD

Magicpipe II of TD reports: "After getting a global broadcast several times, I headed over to Eastham to join the live event. There was an admin controlled character named Orisis requesting various items. I wasn't there to see them all, but the last one was a elemental crystal of fire dropped off fire elemental. After he got all his items, he went and logged onto a different Orisis that we as players could kill and spawned a lot of undead mobs.... He said something like now that you mortals have helped me, I can now unleash my arms and conqueror the world or something cliche like that.

Anywho Orisis had made a staff to fight with. It had a 1 shot wonder spell very like the acid essence or bunny smite spells. I somehow managed to get the kill on him after dying once and running back from Rithwic. He dropped only a staff which was to say the least very exciting for me because it is the only one on the server at the moment O.o. TOO BAD it looks almost exactly like the updated imp staff. =/

Also one of Orisis's compadre was in a blue robe. This one dropped Brains which could be picked up and turned in to the undead guy in the gw bar for 30 mil xp and a title of Zombie Incursion Survivor."

November 26th, 2006 - SC

Fenix Reborn Dares +Rome!

Hi. My character is Fenix reborn and as I logged on SC real quick Sunday (November 26, 2006) at 10 pm EST, I heard tell tales of happenings in Shoushi. I ran over and saw the last bit of life in a mad cow slaughtering Isparians. Before I could attack, it died and spawns of various monsters came forth. After several well placed attempts of spawns, I dared the envoy to try to kill me since the magic casters did a poor job :). Then +Rome spawned what was probably close to a hundred Tukora Lieutenants. A few lucky rocks sent me running/healing and everywhere I went (I mean everywhere, even the outside of town) I got spawned with Tukora Lieutenants. This admin had it out for me! He got successful as the 7th spawn killed me.

When I returned, +Rome was in human form. He summoned forth me and two others. I know the other was Saya Al-Ahnara. +Rome gave me a mosswart packdoll inscribed by him! Here's a pic.