2/18/2009 - Hero Token Drop in the Marketplace

Hero Token Drop in the Marketplace Live
  • On February 18, 2009 during the evening (roughly 6:30 pm on FF) +Turbine Geneva went to each server and dropped hundreds of Hero Tokens in the Marketplace.
  • This act was not an official apology for the recent server instability and authentication server problems:
02-19-2009 - Link

It wasn't repayment or an apology for the recent issues, that decision is made by higher-ups in the food chain than myself. It had been awhile since I visited Dereth but sadly my time was very limited, that's the reason for the quick visit.

I hope to have something scheduled for the near future involving more than dropping some tokens and baby chickens to slaughter the unsuspecting level 5, 295 burden mules in the Marketplace grabbing a token.

Turbine Icon Geneva
AC Live Events

3/16/09 - Not a Dungeon Filled With Monsters

3/16/09 - Leafcull

A dungeon appeared in Hebian-To near the meeting hall. It was called Not a Dungeon Filled With Monsters. It did not live up to its name.

The dungeon was full of Apostate Servants, Hea Apostate Shock Troopers, and Gotrok Aetherium Miners. In the bottom was a Very Mad Cow. After a long battle and many deaths, the mad cow and its minions were defeated, and the participants found Hero Tokens scattered on the floor.

3/17/09 - Wintersebb

The same portal appeared on WE, 9pm Euro Time (3pm CST?). The dungeon also held Tremendous Baby Monougas. The cow was not killed, but NoWorries (invisible) gave out hero tokens.

+Turbine Noworries gives you Hero Token.

The portal in Hebian-to will be closing in 5 minutes. Please collect your corpses.


4/1/09 - Knath Invasion

Knaths in Hebian-To Live

Knath Invasion in Hebian-To

  1. Around 9pm CET, 2pm EST, a message came that a portal spawned in Hebian-To
  2. The Portal was called "Not a Dungeon", and after entering it, it dropped you straight back in the town square of Hebian-To
  3. Waves of different higher level Knathteads appeared in Hebian-To, they dropped no special loot.
  4. Some of them split up
  5. After the last wave was killed, Hero Tokens spawned on the ground near the portal.


Knathtead Icon Knathtead


4/1/09 - Mad Cow Invasion

Mad Cows in Holtburg Live

Mad Cows in Holtburg

Mad Cows appeared in most towns (including starter towns), they dropped no loot.

6/17/09 - Creatures Invade Tufa

Frostfell Creatures Invade Tufa 2 Live

Pillar of Fire and a Mountain King

On Wednesday June 17th +Turbine Geneva spawned random creatures outside the town of Tufa (at 14.8S, 5.6E). This was not a storyline related event. The spawns started at roughly 6:00 pm Eastern and ended around 7. Throughout the event Hero Tokens were found on the ground in the area where the creatures spawned (thus making it difficult to get tokens with mules).


Hero Token Icon Hero Token


Cow Icon Cow

Elemental Icon Elemental

Golem Icon Golem

Grievver Icon Grievver

Knathtead Icon Knathtead

Mattekar Icon Mattekar

Monouga Icon Monouga

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Rabbit Icon Rabbit

Tusker Icon Tusker

Virindi Icon Virindi

  • Also a creature called a Wild Swarm appeared that looked like the regular environmental effect swarms.


7/4/09 - 7/17/09 - Ries Woron and the Thugs

See Ries Woron's Story for the current quest

Unique series of live events that occurred throughout the weekends of July, 2009.

Baishi Raid

Lin Raid

  • 7/10/09 - Thug Attack in Lin: Thugs and Thug Bosses attack Lin. A NPC named Ries Woron later appeared after all were killed. He said his wife was taken and he must find her. No reward was given but Ries Woron said he would give a reward.

Thug Camp

Thug Hideout


Baishi Raid

Baishi is under attack!

Thug Boss says, "Give us Ries Woron and the bloodshed will end."

Grateful Shopkeeper tells you, "I'm wish I had more to give but I'm just a poor shopkeep, perhaps this old family heirloom will be of some use to you."
Grateful Shopkeeper tells you, "It was passed down to me by my mother, it is all I have left of her. I know she would think you a part of the family with what you did for us today."
Grateful Shopkeeper gives you Family Necklace.

You give Grateful Shopkeeper Family Necklace.
Grateful Shopkeeper tells you, "Oh you are truly too kind! Not only brave enough to save our town from those thugs, but selfless as well. You are a rare breed, the world could do with more people like you."

Grateful Shopkeeper tells you, "I'm sorry I am just a poor shopkeeper, I can only afford to reward those kind souls I witnessed fighting evil thugs."
Lin Raid

Ries Woron tells you, "Thank you for helping to beat off these thugs."

Ries Woron tells you, "Unfortunatly they have made off with my wife so I may have to call on your assistance then."

Ries Woron tells you, "Did I reward you?"

Ries Woron tells you, "I will."

Ries Woron tells you, "I wasn't in time before they took my wife, I must find where they took her."
Thug Camp

Ries Woron has found a Thug Camp near 57.8S 72.8E and needs your help!

Ries Woron tells you, "I appreciate you assisting me with these Thugs"

Ries Woron tells you, "I was hoping my wife would be found here but there is no sign of her."

Ries Woron tells you, "I did find a note that may lead me to their main quarters, I will be in touch again."

Ries Woron tells you, "Did I reward you?"Ries Woron tells you, "I will."

Ries Woron tells you, "It seems they were camped here planning another attack, I don't know what has angered them to this level of violence."
Thug Hideout

Ries Woron has found the Thug Hideout near 65.8S 77.2E and needs your help!

Ries Woron says, "What have you done with my wife?"

The Unknown Warrior says, "You wouldn't want to know the terrible things being done to your wife."

Ries Woron says, "It is sad to see the words everyone spoke of you are true"

Ries Woron says, "I always felt there was good inside of you, I know there still is brother."

The Unknown Warrior says, "You really thought any different than all the others?"

The daughter of Ries Woron has arrived in Lin and wishes to reward those who helped her father.

Carolyn Woron tells you, "A town's person told me how kind and selfless you were, you truley are an inspiration to the rest of us."

You have been awarded the title "Selfless Soul"

Carolyn Woron gives you Mana Forge Key.

Carolyn Woron tells you, "Thank you for assiting my father. I only wish the outcome were different and that I could see my parents again."

Carolyn Woron tells you, "Once again, thank you for being so kind to help my father. One day that mysterious evil warrior will get his due."

9/10/09 - Thunder Chicken

Botched Potion Live

Spire you land on from the Botched Potion portal.

  1. Around 5pm EST, +Noworries asked players to come to the Festival Stone of Midsong at 0.0N 0.0E.
  2. Waves of creatures were spawned.
  3. After the last wave was killed, Hero Tokens spawned on the ground and a portal appeared called Botched Potion. The portal lead to the top spire of Varicci's Castle in Sanamar at 69.8N 62.4W.


Chicken Icon Chicken

Knathtead Icon Knathtead

Undead Icon Undead

Rabbit Icon Rabbit


10/27/09 - Honor of Same T'ing

  • On October 27, 2009 there was an event in the Yaraq Meeting Hall on Harvestgain to honor the player character Same T'ing. This event was announced on the boards - over 100 people were in attendance representing all of the servers. T'ing has been sick for some time and his friends gathered to wish him well.
  • See also:


Same T'ing says, "Welcome and thank you for coming"
Same T'ing says, "I see many names from the past 10 years .... Thank you so much for coming old friends"
Same T'ing says, "I am told that there will be a quest as soon as I shut up"
Asheron says, "Greetings"
Asheron says, "It has been brought to my attention that there is a special event this day."
Asheron says, "Please rise"
Asheron says, "Same T'ing"
Same T'ing says, "Sire"
Asheron says, "In honor of your dedication, loyalty and service to Dereth over these last ten years, I would like to present a gift..."
Same T'ing says, "Wow .... Thanks so much"
Asheron says, "First, I would like to present you with some small tokens from myself."
Asheron says, "And there is one more thing."
Asheron says, "Two new titles have been bestowed upon you!"

Same T'ing says, "I have received three gifts from his Lordship ... a T'ing's Crystal, Two handed Weapon Expertise other , and Self"
Asheron says, "Thank you for your years of service and Dedication. Your loyalty has been noted and appreciated"
Same T'ing says, "Thanks all"
Bleys Icefalcon says, "Rare Number 300 T'ings Crystal: Prodigal Two Handed Weapon Mastery"
Same T'ing says, "This whole thing started when my good friends Go Go and Bleys put their heads together. Thanks from the bottom of the heart guys"
Asheron says, "So be at peace young ones, for a storm is growing."
Asheron says, "I must return to my sanctuary, in hopes of stopping what may be too late to stop."
Asheron says, "Be well my friend"
Asheron bows deeply.
Asheron says, "Now enjoy the rest of this fine day!"


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11/02/09 - Asheron's Call 10th Anniversary Events

Encounter with Velesin on FF

After the events in the graveyard, Rhesus of Frostfell had an encounter with Velesin the Black.

Velesin the Black tells you, "During my battle I sensed your healing touch, yet I cannot help feel that perhaps the gesture was somewhat mercenary. None the less, will you speak with me?"
You tell Velesin the Black, "Gladly."
(Player)Velesin the Black (17.17N, 101.88W)
Velesin the Black has teleported you.
You tell Velesin the Black, "You don't belong in this time or place and it is a disturbance that brings you here."
You tell Velesin the Black, "It is my objective to preserve time and events."
Velesin the Black tells you, "That is perceptive of you. My time has long passed."
You tell Velesin the Black, "I'm very sorry I failed you."
You bow deeply.
Velesin the Black tells you, "I apologize for bringing you to this dark place, but it is easier for me to resist... the book in this, my lord's tomb."
You tell Velesin the Black, "I don't understand."
You tell Velesin the Black, "Are you under some foul influence?"
You tell Velesin the Black, "Is there some way the book's spell can be broken?"
Velesin the Black says, "Yes, when the corruption takes me I am driven to slay the living, as many of my lord's servants are above us."
You tell Velesin the Black, "Can we mount an assault on the one cauing you to rouse from your eternal rest?"
You tell Velesin the Black, "I and my compatroits will do anything we can to help put you at rest."
Velesin the Black tells you, ""The dark sorcerer who did this has waned in power over the years, and I sense he no longer possessed the... tome.""
You tell Velesin the Black, "Then who does? This fiend will pay for his wielding the tome!!"
Velesin the Black tells you, "I can sense no way up into my lord's castle, but if a way does open I beg you to find his corrupt champions and destroy them."
You tell Velesin the Black, "This is an affront. It pulls Martine from a time when madness still gripped him into our place. It brings vexation to our Queen. It causes dischord in our land and I will not stand for it."
You bow deeply.
Velesin the Black tells you, "But I do not think you will find a way open this moon. Perhaps not the next. But in time."
You say, "Thank you for your time - thank you."
You say, "We will be watchful - and we will wait."
Velesin the Black tells you, "Perhaps I was wrong about your... nature. You are insightful. Will you accpet a reward; a small token?"
You tell Velesin the Black, "I will do my best to give you and your kin peace from this beast."
You tell Velesin the Black, "If it be your will."
(Trophy)Mana Forge Key (17.17N, 101.90W)
You bow deeply.
You say, "Thank you so very much ."
You say, "Others helped."
You say, "I will pass it along."
You say, "I need to tell my compatriots of what I've seen and heard here."
You say, "Everybody needs to know."
Velesin the Black tells you, "So many living... it is hard for me to remember the living."
You tell Velesin the Black, "We are not all warmongers. Go in peace. As much as circumstance allow."
You bow deeply.
Velesin the Black tells you, "the corruption will take me again soon. If I return, I will not be able to reward those who help me. Destroy me, I will not have the will to fight the corruption"
You tell Velesin the Black, "Please don't ask that."
You tell Velesin the Black, "Will you arise again if I do?"
You tell Velesin the Black, "I don't want to torment you more."
Velesin the Black tells you, "I do not think I will truly be destroyed. At least not yet"
You tell Velesin the Black, "Is it your wish I destroy you?"
You tell Velesin the Black, "Because I do not wish it for you."
Velesin the Black tells you, "This moon, yes."
You tell Velesin the Black, "Pleae forgive me then."
Velesin the Black tells you, "Please, I do not have much time. Travel well"
You tell Velesin the Black, "I -"
Velesin the Black tells you, "Go get friends. I will rise again in Holtburg. Soon."
You say, "You resist my effort."
You tell Velesin the Black, "I'm afriad I can't."
You say, "Please, be well."
Velesin the Black says, "Farewell"
You say, "I'm away!"

Ghostly Appearances on LC

Ancient spirits of Mhoire Castle have risen in the graveyard.

An event occurred on LC in the graveyard. The special character Velesin the Black was present. Tiger King dealt the killing blow against Velesin, while Flash Bwsun dealt the most damage and gained the looting rights. Flash reported 3 MFKs on the corpse.

A Spirit of Mercy was present at the event.

Velesin Live

Ghostly Appearances on WE

A global went out that a spirit was roaming the Graveyard. When arriving, people quickly found Velesin the Black, a low-level ghost, quickly being assaulted by the humans searching for the answers. Velesin fought back, with help from some individuals seeing no reason for the violence against the spirit, but was overwhelmed after some time.

Velesin then reappeared at Redspire, quickly brought down by the assaulting force. As the dust settled, the people wondered what had truly happened.

Velesin, happy for the help from those at his appearances, laid Mana Forge Keys upon the ground especially for their pickup, sending tells to all those who aided him.

Velesin the Black tells you, "Thank you for healing me. I have left a key for you in the graveyard in a small tomb closest to the Ghostly Gravedigger"

In addition, he brought 2 individuals to the chamber of Lord Mhoire, wherein a small conversation took place before the second arrived.

You say, "Sorry we couldn't help more."
Velesin the Black tells you, "Many of the spirits that once served Cynreft are corrupted. It is the wont of the living to destroy them."
You bow deeply.
You say, "Indeed. Not every soul is tarnished."
Velesin the Black tells you, "Yet there are times when I am lucid..."
You say, "We all are, at times."
Velesin the Black tells you, "Someday soon the living will find a way up to my lord's castle"
Velesin the Black tells you, "But not this moon"
Velesin the Black tells you, "Perhaps not the next"

You say, "Hopefully, help can be given to those inside."
Velesin the Black tells you, "Perhaps"
You say, "We shall see, when the time comes."
You say, "Thank you again, and sorry for the barbarism you encountered from those who do not stop to ask."

Hopeslayer Assaults Holtburg on LC

Mad Cows were reported in Holtburg. Soon, Bael'Zharon appeared. He was first an NPK, then PK, then he disappeared. Hordes of Shadows (level 26) appeared in holtburg, followed by Obliterators. Bael'Zharon returned, along with more shadows of various types and Shadow Vortexs. BZ eventually appeared as an attackable monster, and was defeated after a long fight. Za Quest dealt the killing blow, and there is a claim that Eminent also did, which may be possible given the lag and number of projectiles. A Spirit of Mercy was present during the end of the fight. After the Hopeslayer was killed, the remaining Obliterators and Shadow Vortexs were cleared and with no other spawns, special characters, or reward items, the event was over.

Bael'Zharon says, "You will fear me!"

Bael'Zharon says, "I sahll return for your blood!"

Bael'Zharon says, "I am just toying with you all... for now"

Bael'Zharon says, "Weak fools!"

Martine appears in Marketplace on HG

Martine appeared in Marketplace and a fight ensued. Shortly into the fight players stopped fighting and tried interacting with Martine who then stopped fighting also.

Martine says, "This is not right. The time is wrong. This place is... different. What has that foole mage done now? Hush, you know you are crazy. I am not!"
Martine begins laughing, a low raspy giggle, the laughter grows to a cackle and suddenly ceases.
Martine says, "It hates the sounds around it, and grows angrier and angrier!"
Martine says, "You..."
Martine says, "You seem familiar"
Martine says, "I have felt your... no it cannot be"
Martine says, "Make the voices stop!"
Martine says, "The fool mage does not know what he has done"
Martine says, "perhaps the voice is right. Perhaps the death will keep them quiet...."
Martine says, "But who's death? The others? The ones here?"
Martine says, "Must... try... make... stop..."
Martine giggles
Martine lifts a hand before his face.
Martine says, "Yes... death makes the quiet come...."
Martine knocks Erigor into next Morningthaw!
Martine smites Gt mightily!
Martine brings Ambers Soul to a fiery end!
Jax is incinerated by Martine's assault!
Martine says, "You were warned!"
Gt died!
Arbo died!
Flaming arrow died!
Martine says, "I grow tired of this charade. I must see what lies ahead... or behind... or ARGHHHHHHHH!!!! SHUT UP!!!!"
At this point Martine portalled away.

11-02-09 Live Events Martine in MP Live

Then Asheron appeared.

11-02-09 Live Events Asheron in MP Live

Asheron says, "I fear I am too late here"
Asheron says, "These distortions in portal space appear to be worsening"
Asheron says, "I do appreciate your efforts in trying to stop the madman"
Asheron says, "I will summon a spirit to aid in the removal of the penalties you may have incurred during battle"
Asheron says, "Please stand aside"
Asheron says, "I do hope this spirit is helpful. As I must return to my lab, I do thank you for your efforts."
Asheron says, "I hear masses of creatures have also been spotted, so be wary of the areas you would normally be"
Asheron says, "I must return now. Be well!"

A Spirit of Mercy appeared to remove people's vita.

Spirit of Mercy Live

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