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Introduced:  Hidden Vein
A Horn of Vigilance
A Horn of Vigilance Icon
  • Value: 100,000
  • Burden: 50
  • A Horn of Vigilance! Another fine product from Telk the Addlepated. This item can be used on a floor hook.
A Horn of Vigilance Live

A Horn of Vigilance


  • When attached to a hook and used the Horn will make a very unique sound, which is apparently used to drive away Olthoi and other undesirable creatures.
  • Because of its relatively high value compared to its low burden it is a popular Death Item.

Crafting the Horn of Vigilance[]

  1. Locate a Sunflower and bring it to Lilly of Glenden Wood. She will give you Sunflower Oil and 7,500 xp in return.
  2. Return to Coron Usgin and give him the Sunflower Oil. He will give you a Crafting the Horn of Vigilance book and a Carving Knife.
  3. Locate a Grievver Tibia, Large Niffis Shell, Sharp Tusker Slave Tusk, and an Undead Femur Bone.
  4. Use the Carving Knife on each item, and then assemble them all onto the carved Niffis Shell to get the completed Horn:

Update History[]

Waking From the Abyss

  • Sound effect added.