Introduced:  Betrayal Related Quests:  Thorsten Cragstone's Armor & Axe
A Letter of Correspondence
A Letter of Correspondence (Lia Tze) Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 25
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 3 of 3 pages full.
  • A letter from Elysa Strathelar to Lania Cartoth.

Dearest Lania,

You have written to me in the past that you are wary of Asheron's motives. I have not been able to convince you otherwise, but you should understand that I must trust him and have faith in his positive intentions. I believe all Isparians should have this faith for there are sure to be struggles yet to come in which we will require his aid.

On another matter; I wrote you once that I could not bear to bury Thorsten's armor or axe with his body. Though I kept them with me, it came upon me one day that I

was being a mite selfish. Thorsten did not belong to me alone. He fought for all Isparians trapped in this land and his memory is not my property.

Nor are his most important effects which symbolize his struggle and his fate. Thus, Asheron has arranged for Thorsten's armor and axe to be secreted away at an ancient Empyrean site. Let them be saved for a day whence they are needed as symbols of unity and a struggle our brethren should never forget. Perhaps someday my son will be required to wear the armor and swing Thorsten's axe in defense of his family, his people. I fear such a day but, alas, I must

prepare for it. Thus, the chamber that houses Thorsten's Tomb also contains a secret... If it ever were necessary, just remember our girlhood dreams and you may find its direction. Do not venture there however- what lies beyond is well guarded by watchful eyes.




Lia Tze tells you, "Ah, yes, Brontynn Marshad sent you. Here is the letter I intended to give him. I came across it a long time ago, I remember not where. It seems to offer a clue to where Thorsten Cragstone's Armor was hidden."

Lia Tze gives you A Letter of Correspondence.

Lia Tze gives you Wax.

Lia Tze tells you, "If you seek it and find it, I doubt you can remove the armor. Nor should you. However, I have also given you a quantity of wax with which you may make a mould of the armor. Having some armorsmithing skills myself, I have a historical interest in the armor. Bring me the mould with the impression of the armor and I will give you a fine replica of the armor which will serve as an exquisite decorative item. Go with care!"

You give Glysander Cartoth A Letter of Correspondence.

Glysander Cartoth tells you, "Thank you, that is one of the letters! Here is your reward."

You've earned 300,000 experience.

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