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September 2004 - Announcements Page

Game Changes[]

  • War Magic damage has been improved for bolts and arcs at levels 1 through 6, and for all levels of streaks. See the Letter to the Players for details.
  • Projectile speeds on the Weeping, Hollow and Phantom missile weapons have been increased to improve their effectiveness in PK and PKL combat. See the Letter to the Players for details.
  • Other changes:
    • New unique Foci colored icons for War Magic scrolls.
    • Apology Experience for characters on the Frostfell, Leafcull, Solclaim, and Thistledown servers due a rollback in September.

Be sure to visit Jalina al-Hajj in Al-Arqas sometime during this month! She has a gift for you!
Jalina al-Hajj tells you, "Please accept this along with our apologies."

You've earned 165,000,000 experience.

New Quests[]

Updated Quests[]

New NPCs[]

Updated NPCs[]

New Locations[]

Updated Locations[]

New Items[]

Ancient Armored Leggings Icon Ancient Armored Leggings

Noble Brace Chest Icon Noble Brace ChestNoble Crossbow Chest Icon Noble Crossbow ChestNoble Katar Chest Icon Noble Katar ChestNoble Longbow Chest Icon Noble Longbow ChestNoble Morning Star Chest Icon Noble Morning Star ChestNoble Quarterstaff Chest Icon Noble Quarterstaff ChestNoble Rapier Chest Icon Noble Rapier ChestNoble Scepter Chest Icon Noble Scepter ChestNoble Stiletto Chest Icon Noble Stiletto ChestNoble Swordstaff Chest Icon Noble Swordstaff ChestNoble Treasure Chest Icon Noble Treasure ChestNoble War Maul Chest Icon Noble War Maul Chest

Hearty Lugian Loaf Icon Hearty Lugian LoafStout Lugian Ale Icon Stout Lugian AleThick Lugian Stew Icon Thick Lugian Stew

Morgluuk's Trophy Head Icon Morgluuk's Trophy Head

Manacle of Biting Pain Icon Manacle of Biting PainTears of Jvikti Kheval Icon Tears of Jvikti Kheval

Reward Key Icon Reward Key

Fortress Barrier Icon Fortress BarrierMorgluuk's Head (Object) Icon Morgluuk's Head (Object)Sarcophagus of High Matriarch, Kivik Lir Icon Sarcophagus of High Matriarch, Kivik Lir

Portal Gem (Hidden Chamber) Icon Portal Gem (Hidden Chamber)

Morgluuk's Head (Quest Item) Icon Morgluuk's Head (Quest Item)Morgluuk's Flesh Icon Morgluuk's FleshArmoredillo Hide Collection Bag Icon Armoredillo Hide Collection BagSealed Missive (K'rank's Errands - Herbs) Icon Sealed Missive (K'rank's Errands - Herbs)Treated Herbs Icon Treated HerbsSealed Missive (K'rank's Errands - Ore) Icon Sealed Missive (K'rank's Errands - Ore)Refined Ore Icon Refined OreWell-Balanced Lugian Axe Icon Well-Balanced Lugian AxeLugian Coins Icon Lugian CoinsGolem Heart Crate Icon Golem Heart CrateSclavus Cataloguing Crate Icon Sclavus Cataloguing CrateWheel Cart Icon Wheel CartFull Wheel Cart Icon Full Wheel CartFragment of Solidified Blood Icon Fragment of Solidified BloodFragment of Charred Wood Icon Fragment of Charred WoodFragment of Polished Serpentine Icon Fragment of Polished SerpentineFragment of Ancient Amber Icon Fragment of Ancient AmberEmblem of Blackened Blood Icon Emblem of Blackened BloodSmall Bloodstone Shard Icon Small Bloodstone ShardSharp Bloodstone Fragment Icon Sharp Bloodstone FragmentSmall Bloodstone Fragment Icon Small Bloodstone FragmentFused Bloodstone Chunk Icon Fused Bloodstone ChunkBloodstone Emblem Icon Bloodstone EmblemEmpty Satchel Icon Empty SatchelBrittle Bone Icon Brittle Bone

Scroll of Lesser Conjurant Chant Icon Scroll of Lesser Conjurant ChantScroll of Conjurant Chant Icon Scroll of Conjurant ChantScroll of Greater Conjurant Chant Icon Scroll of Greater Conjurant ChantScroll of Superior Conjurant Chant Icon Scroll of Superior Conjurant ChantScroll of Lesser Artificant Chant Icon Scroll of Lesser Artificant ChantScroll of Artificant Chant Icon Scroll of Artificant ChantScroll of Greater Artificant Chant Icon Scroll of Greater Artificant ChantScroll of Superior Artificant Chant Icon Scroll of Superior Artificant ChantScroll of Lesser Vitaeic Chant Icon Scroll of Lesser Vitaeic ChantScroll of Vitaeic Chant Icon Scroll of Vitaeic ChantScroll of Greater Vitaeic Chant Icon Scroll of Greater Vitaeic ChantScroll of Superior Vitaeic Chant Icon Scroll of Superior Vitaeic ChantScroll of Lesser Hieromantic Chant Icon Scroll of Lesser Hieromantic ChantScroll of Hieromantic Chant Icon Scroll of Hieromantic ChantScroll of Greater Hieromantic Chant Icon Scroll of Greater Hieromantic ChantScroll of Superior Hieromantic Chant Icon Scroll of Superior Hieromantic ChantScroll of Lesser Conveyic Chant Icon Scroll of Lesser Conveyic ChantScroll of Conveyic Chant Icon Scroll of Conveyic ChantScroll of Greater Conveyic Chant Icon Scroll of Greater Conveyic ChantScroll of Superior Conveyic Chant Icon Scroll of Superior Conveyic Chant

Toberik's Report Icon Toberik's ReportArcanum Research Facility Directions Icon Arcanum Research Facility DirectionsCarved Cave Directions Icon Carved Cave DirectionsThe Mysterious Caves Icon The Mysterious CavesThe Forbidden Crypts Icon The Forbidden CryptsThe Recovered Temple Icon The Recovered TempleThe Desert March Icon The Desert MarchSeeking Research Associates Icon Seeking Research AssociatesNadqab: Archeologist or Extortionist? Icon Nadqab: Archeologist or Extortionist?The Crypt of Ashen Tears Icon The Crypt of Ashen TearsThe Bones House Icon The Bones HousePublic Request Icon Public RequestThe Scout's Report I Icon The Scout's Report IThe Scout's Report II Icon The Scout's Report IISuntik Village (Text) Icon Suntik Village (Text)The Lonely Vendors Icon The Lonely Vendors

Gold Golem Heart Icon Gold Golem Heart

Noble Brace Icon Noble BraceNoble Crossbow Icon Noble CrossbowNoble Katar Icon Noble KatarNoble Longbow Icon Noble LongbowNoble Morning Star Icon Noble Morning StarNoble Quarterstaff Icon Noble QuarterstaffNoble Rapier Icon Noble RapierNoble Sceptre Icon Noble SceptreNoble Stiletto Icon Noble StilettoNoble Swordstaff Icon Noble SwordstaffNoble War Maul Icon Noble War Maul

Updated Items[]

New Spells[]

New Creatures[]

Burun Icon Burun

Crystal Icon Crystal

Grievver Icon Grievver

Monouga Icon Monouga

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Shadow Icon Shadow

Updated Creatures[]

New Dialog[]

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "Gabrielle, in Rithwic, seems to have been given new orders. I only know what I hear."

Town Crier tells you, "A vile smell has risen from the Blackmire swamp. People in Sawato have made mention that there is something growing in the old Sclavus Fort there."

Town Crier tells you, "All the capital cities are abuzz with activity. Even Linvak Tukal and Timaru have seen arrivals of representatives of the Queen."

Town Crier tells you, "News from Uziz is that Gersan, Gervena and Gerlok have been a bit busier recently."

Town Crier tells you, "Just a little while ago, my cousin asked me to put an apple on my head. I did, and he promptly ran off a bit and produced a Weeping Bow and shot the apple off of my head. I've never seen an arrow fly so fast or straight before!"

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard that a lugian Captain has been put in charge of collecting some information for the High Queen. Why do we really need their help?"

Town Crier tells you, "I think when I get some time off, I will take some time to look around Al-Jalima. I've seen and heard tell that the High Queen has had emissaries passing through the area recently."

Town Crier tells you, "I heard that someone from the Royal Guard has appeared in Dryreach! Maybe they are there to liberate that poor, forgotten town?"

Town Crier tells you, "Rumors are coming in that the Gotrok and Renegade Tumeroks are doing something in the eastern direland swamps. I wonder what they are up to..."

You feel an extra weight in your backpack. It is there momentarily and then disappears.

Town Crier tells you, "It must have been a Burun. Anyway, have a good day."

Town Crier tells you, "A few reports have floated in about the Hollow, Phantom, and Weeping ranged weapons. It seems that a modification made to these weapons has rendered them capable of releasing their arrows, bolts, and darts at incredible rates of speed."

Town Crier tells you, "All around Al-Jalima there has been a quiet calm. The High Queen called for a bit of aid to the village and aid came for a time. But it seems that the creatures of this world are learning that the aid will eventually wane, and they creep ever closer to our cities."

Town Crier tells you, "Gersan, Gervena and Gerlok have been talking about working with the crystals found in the dungeons that held... well... Asheron's enemy at bay. It seems that they've been able to refine and improve their processes. Oh, and did you know that another portal appeared to one of the dungeons along the edge of the inner sea? Fancy that, eh?"

Town Crier tells you, "I've heard of Captain K'rank, but what I have heard is rather foolish. Seems that at one time he was a bit of stickler about clothing, yelling out insults to those that wore unmatched clothing. Silly Lugian. Now it appears that he is organizing some sort of fact gathering missions."

Town Crier tells you, "Do you think that the Burun are looking for ways to bring more of them to this world? Maybe you should wait until you've been to the latest find in the Direlands. But you didn't hear it from me."

Town Crier tells you, "My feet hurt. My head aches. My nose itches. My eyes are watery. My tummy hurts too. I need a vacation."

Town Crier tells you, "The fort in the Blackmire swamp seems to be complete. There is no way inside, at least not that can be seen and Burun line the walls. The Renegades have left but the hulking Burun have taken their place. Then of course, there is the smell."

Town Crier tells you, "I don't know about you, but I feel awful bad about disturbing the crypts of those sleeping undead. Dericost, Falatacot, either way, it is just not right."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

No new messages this month.

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Known Issues[]

  • Bael'Zharon is re-appearing during lightning flashes, and older and much larger moon images appear in the sky (see screenshots above).
    • Note: these were side-effects of changes made to reduce the rainfall and were fixed in the next event.