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Introduced:  Down Twisting Paths Related Quests:  Alduressa Shadow Armor Quest Updated:  Shining Runes and Shadowed Hands (retired)
A letter to Koga Hideki
A letter to Koga Hideki Icon.png
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 10
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • 1 of 1 pages full.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A note, written by Iian di Alduressa, seeking the aid of Master Armorer Koga Hideki in the creation process of Alduressa Shadow Armor.

Greeting to you, Master Koga Hideki,

My name is Iian di Alduressa, son of Count Alain di Alduressa. Once, before we all came to Dereth, my father shared his knowledge of the smithing of armors with the Masters of your people. Now, I seek to do the same with you.

On this world, you and your peers create a special armor, reportedly crafted using an alloy made from the shards of animate crystals and living shadows. Master Jibril has been generous with me in the sharing of how this is done, but I cannot test this knowledge without your aid. I am in need of a partially prepared sample of one of these Shadow Shards. If you could aid me in acquiring one of these samples, I would be eternally grateful.

As to any concerns you would rightfully have about my involvement and loyalties in the war between our peoples, rest assured that I will have no part in it. I seek only to advance our mutual craft.


You give Iian di Alduressa Tome on the Metallurgy and Crafting of Shadow Armors.

Iian di Alduressa tells you, "Is this the response?"

You tell Iian di Alduressa about the note in the front of the book.

Iian di Alduressa reads the note carefully, and then quickly skims the tome, stopping at a couple of the illustrations momentarily. A smile slowly grows on his face.

Iian di Alduressa tells you, "Amazing. The manner of crafting the Alloy used in creating these armors is absolutely amazing..."

Iian di Alduressa tells you, "The note placed in the front of this text says I should request samples from the Aluvian and Sho Master Armorers. You have been kind to me once, may I ask your indulgence a second time?"

You say, "yes"

Iian quickly writes out two more letters.

Iian di Alduressa tells you, "Take these letters to the two other Master Armorers. I've named each letter accordingly. Alean the Steel Forger can be found along the road North of Eastham, and Koga Hideki, according to this note, can be found along the lake below the town of Kara."

Iian di Alduressa gives you A letter to Alean the Steel Forger.

Iian di Alduressa gives you A letter to Koga Hideki.

Iian di Alduressa tells you, "Bring back whatever response or items they send. Hopefully, they will also see the value of sharing our collective knowledge, and we can better our craft as a whole."

You give Koga Hideki A letter to Koga Hideki.

Koga Hideki tells you, "A letter?"

Koga Hideki reads the note.

Koga Hideki tells you, "Interesting."

Koga Hideki tells you, "This is quite a risk. If this young Alduressa is lying to gain information, this could go poorly for us."

Koga Hideki seems lost in thought for a moment.

Koga Hideki tells you, "I will trust in Master Jibril's wisdom, take this sample to Master Iian"

Koga Hideki gives you Shadow Shard Sample.

  • The item description states this is 1 page, the text entry here is 3.