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Aerbax's Prodigal Human
Level: 150
Rec. Level: 170+
Type: Solo
Starts At: Hidden Laboratory at 67.2N, 27.1W
Route: Stonehold
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Aerbax's Prodigal Human


Dojiro Sangi went missing some time ago, along with a drudge near holtburg, Harraag the Banderling, the Aun Town Crier from Timaru, and Claude the Virindi mage of Ayan. Now we have learned the fate of Dojiro. Thankfully he was not fully turned by Aerbax, and with our help, he has ended his new tortured life and rendered Aerbax's Prodigal Isparian experiment useless. See Missing Persons Investigation for more information.

  • This quest opened up with a live event during the Children of the Prodigal Lord patch. It currently has no starting rumor or NPC to speak to.
  • Lockpick is not required, but can be used instead of the key. However, the key is found in the same room as the door, so picking the lock is not much of a time saver.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Proceed carefully through dungeon. There are high level Simulacra, Tuskers, Virindi, and Hollow Minions, including the Blight Hollow Minion (new to this dungeon).
  2. When you reach a large room with a door made of glowing energy, you must either kill the Lab Guardian Virindi to acquire the Lab Guardian's Key, or pick the door with lockpick (800 resistance can be reduced to 600 with weaken lock 7). The key has 3 uses to open three doors so it can be worth your time to get it.
  3. Continue through dungeon. There is a doorway leading to a large pit full of energy. There is an invisible floor here. Cross to the other side and open the energy door with the same key from before or pick it again.
  4. Continue to the final room. It is best to destroy the minions before taking on the Virindi boss Demerax the Sculptor. He is not easy to solo unless you have a very high magic resist, due to all the other mobs debuffing every spell in the book. He also regens health very quickly, so debuff him if possible.
  5. Kill Demerax and loot the Paradox-infused Potion and Virindi Message Shard.
  6. Give the potion to Dojiro Sangi, located in the center of the room.
  7. Go to Candeth Keep and give Dojiro Sangi's Ring to Ryukai Hiro at 87.8S, 67.3W, next to the grocer's shop.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Hidden Laboratory 67.2N, 27.1W -- --


Hand in Dojiro Sangi's Ring to Ryukai Hiro
Experience: 240,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Titles: Dojiro Sangi's Savior


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Asheron's Call Quest Aerbax's Prodigal Human

Asheron's Call Quest Aerbax's Prodigal Human


Dojiro Sangi

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "Help... me..."

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "They're turning me into some kind of monster! I hear... voices... inside my head... telling me to... Enighten? everyone? I don't... understand..."

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "You need, to stop this... for me... I can't... become... this thing."

Dojiro Sangi's eyes come into focus on you, and a look of wild desperation fills his ruined face, beneath the mask.

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "The potion they use on me! It's supposed to be dangerous, if not given slowly! Give it to me! Give me the Bottle! Help me ruin what they are doing to me!!"

Dojiro Sangi's voice changes, taking on a calm, almost metallic quality.

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "You will not harm my Prodigal Child. He is your salvation, your race's chance at Enlightenment. He is one of my beloved vessels, our Future! Leave him be, it is only the pains of rebirth that he feels. He will unify us all!"

Dojiro Sangi casts Synaptic Misfire on you.

Dojiro Sangi casts Self Loathing on you.

Demerax the Sculptor's voice echoes through the area, "You cannot escape 'Asheron's Protection', little Sangi. Even death will not stop you from becoming my Master's beloved Child."

Demerax the Sculptor's laughter echoes along the walls.
Defeating Demerax

Demerax the Sculptor is incinerated by your assault!

Demerax the Sculptor screams in rage as he dies!

A searing pain fills your mind, carrying the following words along with it, "You won't stop the Master's plans! It's too late to stop him now!"
Handing in Paradox-infused Potion to Dojiro Sangi

You give Dojiro Sangi Paradox-infused Potion.

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "Yes!!"

Dojiro Sangi guzzles down the Paradox-infused Potion.

Dojiro Sangi screams, his voice echoing with the sound of multiple voices, crying out in unison!

Dojiro Sangi tells you, "Thank you... Please... Take this... home..."

Dojiro Sangi gives you Dojiro Sangi's Ring.

Dojiro Sangi's eyes flash with violet light, and a cold humming fills the room.

A voice fills your mind, "Pray for death, little meat-bag. Your attempts will not foil me forever..."

With a final shudder, Dojiro Sangi's form disintegrates.
Handing in Dojiro Sangi's Ring to Ryukai Hiro

You give Ryukai Hiro Dojiro Sangi's Ring.

Ryukai Hiro tells you, "You have something for me?"

Ryukai Hiro tells you, "I recognize this... Where did you get this?"

You tell Ryukai Hiro about your encounter with Dojiro Sangi in Aerbax's Lab.

Ryukai Hiro tells you, "I see. It is a great sadness that things needed to turn out this way, but you did the right thing, and saved Sangi from a terrible fate. Please, allow me to reward you."

Ryukai Hiro grants to you the title, "Dojiro Sangi's Savior".

You've earned 164,455,904 experience.

Ryukai Hiro gives you Mana Forge Key.
Handing in Dojiro Sangi's Ring to Ryukai Hiro (Quest Repeat)

You give Ryukai Hiro Dojiro Sangi's Ring.

Ryukai Hiro tells you, "If you have this, it must mean that Aerbax brought Sangi back and continued his mad plans..."

Ryukai Hiro tells you, "Thank you for once again freeing Dojiro Sangi. Please, accept this reward."

You've earned 69,729,299 experience.

Ryukai Hiro gives you Mana Forge Key.

Update History

Children of the Prodigal Lord

  • Quest introduced.

Learning From Experience

  • XP reward increased from ?? to 240,000,000

Risks and Rewards

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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