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Aerbax's Prodigal Lugian
Level: 150
Rec. Level: 200+ (solo)
Type: Small Fellowship/Solo
Starts With: Oswent the Pale
Starts At: 25.7N, 49.2E in Cragstone
Repeat: 20 Hours
Quest Chain: 1. Saving Asheron
2. Bur Recall Quest
3. Aerbax's Prodigal Lugian


  • In order to start this quest you must have completed the Bur Recall Quest also given by Oswent the Pale. If you have not done the Bur Recall quest recently you may need to repeat it.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

Part 1: Chambers Beneath Linvak Tukal and Entering the Trials[]

  1. Oswent the Pale will give you Royal Summons.
  2. Head to Linvak Tukal. You can find a portal to there in Town Network (Annex). While you are there you can speak to Kifandal the Imbuer and buy some Linvak Tukal Portal Gems. When you are ready head up to Lord Kresovus and present him with the Royal Summons.
  3. Now use Kresovus' Lockbox and you will be portaled into a dungeon similar in layout to the dungeon from the Bur Recall quest. In the first room is Lord Kresovus.
  4. Kill the guards and take down the door and then portal in to the next area. In this next room, you will find an Altar with a Pristine White Mattekar Hide (piece of Balor's hide) on top of it - it is guarded by various Virindi and Shadow creatures. Take the hide and then use the altar to open the nearby door. Work your way through the halls, fighting the Abyssal Shadow Lugians to enter the portal to the first trial.

Part 2: Trial of the Arm[]

  1. You will again enter a hallway leading to a large room. In the center of the room is a large Boulder. It is attackable, and when destroyed a hallway is revealed underneath it. Right below the boulder in the hallway is the Corpse of Phlynt, the lugian Oswent sent to spy on Shadow Kresovus. Open his corpse and loot the Phial of Chorizite and the Hidden Note. Then continue down the hallway. You will find a large room with Shadow Kresovus and some of his minions.
    • Note: The Phial of Chorizite is also dropped by Shadow Kresovus in the room with the energy cage.
  2. When you defeat this Shadow Kresovus enter the portal in the hallway behind him to enter the next trial.

Part 3: Trial of the Mind[]

  1. Once again you are portaled into the same style chambers. Head down to the open room for your next task. In the center of the room is the Pillar of the Mind. Read it's description closely, as you will need this information to solve the puzzle. When you are ready, use the pillar to begin your first attempt. You have 5 minutes to attempt the puzzle, and 3 attempts total. If you fail, using the portal will teleport you to the beginning of the Trial of the Arm, but you can run through that dungeon to get back to this puzzle.
  2. When you use the pillar, the following objects/items will spawn near the pillar:
    1. Three Bag of Stones
    2. A scale with two Buckets
    3. Four Red Stones (weighing 3 stones each)
    4. Three Yellow Stone (weighing 2 stones each)
    5. Two White Stone (weighing 1 stones each)
  3. You must use the stones provided to make each bag contain one color and "maintain its current weight in stones". You then must use the remaining stones to balance the scales correctly.
  4. Where by "current" they mean the initial weight. The bags already contain some stones, and you can use the bag to see what stones are currently in it. Initially the bags contain the following stones:
West Middle East
Red - 1 1
Yellow 1 1 2
White 1 1 2
Initial Weight 3 6 9
5. Give each bag one color of stones until it only contains stones of that color (the other colored stones will pop out and be put in your inventory), and the weight of the stones will be the same as the initial weight.
  1. Give 2 white stones to the western bag.
  2. Give 2 yellow stones to the middle bag.
  3. Give 2 red stones to the eastern bag.
6. You should have 3 red, 4 yellow, and 3 white stones left. The description of the north bucket says "Progressive numbers, equal weight", and the one on the south bucket says "This bucket must contain an equal number of any stones within it."
7. So the scale must balance, the south bucket must contain even numbers of each color, and the north bucket will have 1, 2, and 3 stones of each color.
  1. Give 3 white stones, 2 yellow stones and 1 red stone to the scale's northern bucket.
  2. Give 2 yellow stones and 2 red stones to the scale's southern bucket.
8. Use the Pillar again to complete the puzzle.
9. When you have solved the puzzle, enter the door and head down the hall to the next portal.
10. Another Shadow Kresovus will appear, this time with Virindi minions. Destroy him and you will be allowed to enter the portal to the next trial.

Part 4: Trial of the Heart[]

  1. In this next dungeon you will find the Pillar of the Heart.
  2. You must answer its question before you may advance. It asks you to pick the thing which Lugians value most.
  3. Enter a nearby hallway lined with rooms.
  4. Each room contains several items which a lugian may value. When you think you have found the correct item, use it and return to the pillar:
  5. The correct answer will open the large door in front of the pillar. Head down the hallway and you will find Shadow Kresovus and the real Kresovus trapped in an energy cage! Defeat this Shadow, then hand the Phial of Chorizite to the real Kresovus to remove the energy cage. Then talk to him this will set him free. # Now enter the final portal and defeat Shadow Kresovus at last.
  6. This Shadow Kresovus has some powerful war spells, including a wave spells, heavy rings, and a health draining vortex. He will also summon Virindi, shadow, and shadow Lugian minions to defend him. When you defeat him loot the Sigil of Linvak Tukal. Then return to Linvak Tukal and present Lord Kresovus with the Sigil to receive your rewards. There are also additional rewards available, see below for details.


  • When repeating the quest, you must speak to Oswent again.
  • You will not have to repeat the trials. Using the chest sends you directly to the final room.
  • You're only able to get Balor's Robe once.
  • You can upgrade one item from the Arm, Mind, Heart quest every time you complete the quest.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Chambers Beneath Linvak Tukal 77.6S 28.0E -- --
Trials of the Arm, Mind and Heart N/A -- --
Trial of the Arm N/A -- --
Trial of the Mind N/A -- --
Trial of the Heart N/A -- --
Trials Graduation N/A -- --


Give Sigil of Linvak Tukal to Lord Kresovus
Experience: 162,415,717 (50% up to level
Luminance: 15,000
Titles: Guardian of Linvak Tukal
Complete quest and give Pristine White Mattekar Hide to Yi Yo-Jin
Give Sigil of Linvak Tukal to Lord Kresovus (Quest Repeat)
Luminance: 7,500
Complete quest and give an Arm, Mind, Heart Quest item to Aurutis

An enhanced version of the item:


Click image for full size version.


Opening Dialog

Oswent the Pale tells you, "You've investigated the matter of the Lord Kresovus impostor to my satisfaction."

Oswent the Pale tells you, "I have another mission for you that may prove far more dangerous, but your people need you."

Oswent the Pale tells you, "Deliver this Royal Summons to Kresovus. He will have to accompany you if he wishes to keep his cover. When you and the imposter are away from Linvak and alone you must dispose of him."

Oswent the Pale gives you Royal Summons.

Oswent the Pale tells you, "Have you delivered the Royal Summons to the Lord Kresovus imposter?"

Oswent the Pale tells you, "Be sure that you have him alone before you attack. We wouldn't want the Lugians of Linvak Tukal believing we were trying to assassinate their Leader. I believe once the imposter is dead we can prove to the Lugians their Leader has been missing since the attacks on Linvak Tukal began."
Giving the Royal Summons to Lord Kresovus

You give Lord Kresovus Royal Summons.

Kresovus reads the summons. You suspect you see a small smirk flit across his face.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "I cannot speak of this here. There is a spy in my court and I fear for my life. You must meet with me in secret below. Use the chest here to access the chambers beneath Linvak Tukal. I will meet you there.

You place your hand on the chest, and it rumbles open, revealing the purple light of portalspace...
Imposter Lord Kresovus

Lord Kresovus says, "I can't believe they thought you would be able to remove me from Linvak Tukal! Was it Oswent? He only found out about my meeting place here because I needed a distraction in order to fulfill an agreement my master made with the undead. A certain animal was painstakingly modified for them."

Lord Kresovus says, "Your interference is at an end. Just like the spy they sent to watch me you will never be found."

Lord Kresovus says, "I won't even bother dealing with you myself."

Kresovus waves his hand and a number of Lugian Guards file into the room.

Lord Kresovus says, "Kill him."

Kresovus portals further into the dungeon.
Using the Altar beneath the Mattekar hide

You notice some deep gouges in the stone. Virindi implements are scattered about matted with blood and white fur.
Shadow Kresovus (Trial of the Arm)

Shadow Kresovus tells you, "So you've found the Lugian Trial Rooms have you? Funny thing, that spy they sent me didn't last too long down here. Perhaps you think you can do better? Let's see how you handle these."

Shadow Kresovus tells you, "Feeble human! You cannot fight the dark."

Shadow Kresovus says, "You have won this small victory, but I am hardly defeated. Continue at your own risk human."
Shadow Kresovus (Trial of the Mind)

Shadow Kresovus tells you, "You're proving to be more resourceful than I expected... I will make you pay for the trouble you have caused me."
Shadow Kresovus (Trial of the Heart)

Your blow knocks a small crystal from Shadow Kresovus' pocket. It falls to the floor and shatters in a bright flash. The energy cage surrounding Lord Kresovus seems to wane.

Shadow Kresovus says, "Why won't you just die?!"

Shadow Kresovus growls in frustration and leaps through the portal to the next room.

Lord Kresovus says, "Free me!"
Giving Phial of Chorizite to the Energy Cage

You give Energy Cage Phial of Chorizite.

The energy cage surrounding Lord Kresovus bursts apart in a magical discharge.

Kresovus heaves a sigh of relief and gives you an appraising look.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Thank you. I must ask that you defeat my imposter alone. I am not strong enough to fight him now. Please follow him and insure he troubles us no more."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Good luck my friend."

Kresovus makes a sweeping gesture recalling to his lifestone.
Shadow Kresovus (Trials Graduation)

Shadow Kresovus grins, his black teeth grinding, "Congratulations on completing the Trials of the Arm, Mind and Heart human. Perhaps you would make a better Lugian than I, but we shall never find out. For now it is time that you die."
Defeating Shadow Kresovus (Trials Graduation)

Shadow Kresovus says, "I can't believe it. You defeated me? Me!"

Shadow Kresovus says, "You've ruined everything! Oh, but you'll see. The Master will not be happy. You and your kind will be payed back in full."
Giving Sigil of Linvak Tukal to Lord Kresovus

You give Lord Kresovus Sigil of Linvak Tukal.

Lord Kresovus heaves a great sigh. "Thank you for freeing me <Player Name>. I owe you a great deal."

Lord Kresovus gives you Powdered Chorizite Pea.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Take this Chorizite Pea. I have also given permission to Auritis to upgrade any of the armor or weapons of the Arm, Mind and Heart that you may have. Speak with him to find out more."

Kresovus chuckles lightly to himself.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Long have I trained the best of my people in the three paths we Lugians brought with us from the old world. You have not only seen the Trials of the Arm, Mind and Heart, but you must have bested each of them to save me from the cowled ones and the shadowy imposter."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Had a human ever asked to take the trials I would have denied them such a presumptious request, but you have proven your Strength, Clarity and Purity beyond doubt."

You've earned 162,415,717 experience.

Lord Kresovus clears his throat, "All who may hear my words. I am proud to bestow the honor and duty of 'Guardian of Linvak Tukal' on <Player Name>. Their honor and dignity continue to prove the wisdom of our friendship and loyalty to the Humans.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Thank you for freeing me human. My people and I owe you more than can ever be repaid."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "The Guardians report they have been unsucessful [sic] in removing the darkness from the last of the chambers below. I suspect we have not seen the last of this Shadow Kresovus."

Return in 13d to fight Shadow Kresovus again.
Showing Pristine White Mattekar Hide to Lord Kresovus

You allow Lord Kresovus to examine your Pristine White Mattekar Hide.

Lord Kresovus grips the hide of his old pet and drops his head in silence.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "I raised him from a little Mattie. He was my best friend."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "I will miss you Balor."

Kresovus loosens his grip on the hide.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Balor would want to be of use. He was always so brave..."

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Take it and go. I wish to be alone with my thoughts."
Handing the Pristine White Mattekar Hide to Yi Yo-Jin

You allow Yi Yo-Jin to examine your Pristine White Mattekar Hide.

You hand over 1 of your Pristine White Mattekar Hides.

Yo-Jin holds the hide up reverently and looks a bit scared.

Yi Yo-Jin tells you, "Well, I have Kresovus' permission to craft this hide now, but I'm still not sure I want to. You must be pretty important for Kresovus to allow this."

Yo-Jin hesitates and then begins his work, deftly cutting Balor's hide in the pattern for a robe.

Yi Yo-Jin gives you Balor's Robe.

Yi Yo-Jin tells you, "Here you are. I don't mind saying that this is some of my best work. Be careful with this, I'm not sure Kresovus would be so giving if you let it come to harm. Oh, and be tactful, don't wear this around Kresovus."
Attempting to have the hide crafted without showing it to Lord Kresovus first

You allow Yi Yo-Jin to examine your Pristine White Mattekar Hide.

Yi Yo-Jin rubs the fur between his fingers and peers closely at it.

Yi Yo-Jin tells you, "This is a rather unusual Mattekar hide. Hmm, the last time I saw fur like this was when I visited Linvak Tu..."

Yi Yo-Jin tells you, "No, No, No! I am not going to be responsible for making a robe out of this hide."

Yi Yo-Jin tells you, "What are you doing, trying to get me killed?"
Oswent the Pale (Quest Repeat)

Oswent the Pale tells you, "You fought valiantly against the Falatacot that imprisoned Asheron on Bur, didn't you? I have seen council reports on your bravery. I commend you for your past service, and I would ask for your assistance once more in a very sensitive matter of utmost importance to the realm. Some of us have reason to believe that Lord Kresovus, the leader of our Lugian allies, is... not what he seems."

Oswent the Pale tells you, "Please venture to the Lugian stronghold of Linvak Tukal and discreetly investigate Lord Kresovus' quarters. It could be that there is some evidence there of what has happened to him."
Giving Sigil of Linvak Tukal to Lord Kresovus (Quest Repeat)

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Welcome back Guardian. The other Guardians report trouble in the lower levels. It would appear that Shadow Kresovus has returned. Do your duty and destroy this mockery in my name.

You give Lord Kresovus Sigil of Linvak Tukal.

Lord Kresovus shakes his head in wonder, "He keeps returning. When will that imposter learn that Guardian's like yourself will never allow him back?"

Lord Kresovus gives you Powdered Chorizite Pea.

Lord Kresovus tells you, "Take this Chorizite Pea. I have also given permission to Auritis to upgrade any of the armor or weapons of the Arm, Mind and Heart that you may have. Speak with him to find out more."

You've earned 7,500 Luminance.
Giving an Arm, Mind and Heart item to Aurutis for the enhanced version

You allow Aurutis to examine your Bastion of Tukal.

You hand over 1 of your Bastion of Tukals.

Aurutis gives you Bastion of Tukal.

Aurutis tells you, "Here you are Guardian. Thank you for your part in defeating that vile imposter of Lord Kresovus."

Update History[]

Children of the Prodigal Lord

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.