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Aerbax's Prodigal Mosswart
Level: 80
Rec. Level: 100+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Sergeant Brigitta
Starts At: 74.3S, 84.6E in Kryst
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes[]

Part 1: Mosswart Holding[]

  1. Head to the Mosswart Holding at 78.2S, 86.7E.
  2. From the drop, go north and take the ramp down. At each intersection, go South, East, South, North, East, and East respectively, then take the ramp to the lower level intersection.
  3. At this intersection, go West, then South, East, and South respectively, where you'll need to speak with any of the Visiting Shaman.
  4. Backtrack to the lower level intersection, and go North. From here, pass through each intersection, going East, South, South, and North respectively.
  5. In the small side room nearby, use the Pile of Stained Papers to make a copy of them and receive Piece of Paper.
  6. Optional: Continue South until you reach Bragara, the Chosen One, Aerbax's Prodigal Mosswart. The rooms are full of powerful Mosswarts and it is recommended that you approach slowly as a solo. There is no additional reward for killing Bragara.
  7. Head to MacNiall's Freehold and give the Piece of Paper to Researcher Tharin, located in the bar at 74.0S, 92.3E.
  8. Head back to Kryst and speak to Sergeant Brigitta for your experience and title rewards.

Part 2: Mosswart Worship Cavern[]

  1. Head to the Mosswart Worship Cavern at 41.1S 48.8W in the East Direlands Swamp.
  2. Hug the right wall until you find an NPC, Ahumba, at the end of the dungeon.
  3. Speak to him to obtain the Blessed Spear of the Mosswart Gods.
    • Optional: If you don't want the spear, you can return it to Sergeant Brigitta for additional xp.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mosswart Holding 78.2S 86.7E EB1D EB1D.png --
Mosswart Worship Cavern 41.1S 48.8W -- --


Speak to Sergeant Brigitta after translating Piece of Paper
Experience: 30,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Quest Repeat: 13,765,337 (20% up to level 100)
Speak to Ahumba
Give unwanted spear to Sergeant Brigitta
Experience: 3,441,334 (5% up to level 100)



Opening Dialog

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Friend, welcome to our lines. I am Sergeant Brigitta, second in command of the defense here. We're managing to keep Kryst safe, but there are things you could do to help us against the Mosswarts."

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "The Mosswarts are led by a being named Bragara. However, we are not concerned for him so much as we are concerned about the movements of his forces."

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Go to the caverns under the Mosswart Holding and bring us the plans for his attack, and we will be better able to stop their advance."

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Also, there are shamans who did not agree with Bragara's claim of godhood among the Mosswarts. We have it on good authority that some shamans have been imprisoned in the very same caverns that the plans are located in. While you are in there, please free a shaman. It will help the Mosswarts be able to muster a resistance against Bragara, which will in turn make our jobs easier."
Visiting Shaman

You rapidly explain your reason for being here to the Mosswart shaman, who after a moment nods.

Visiting Shaman tells you, "Me trust you. Me seek out others of my kind who maybe resist Bragara. Wish luck."
Using Pile of Stained Papers

You make a copy of the writing on some spares pieces of paper that are handy.

You shuffle through the notes, and manage to figure out that they're a plan of some sort. However, while the words seem vaguely familiar and close to words you realize, they are just different enough that you can't tell exactly what the author meant. You'll need to get them properly interpreted by someone else, perhaps someone who has some experience with this particular band of Mosswarts.

Pile of Stained Papers gives you Piece of Paper.
Researcher Tharin

You introduce yourself to the researcher, and briefly summarize the contents of the plans you read in the Mosswart Holding

Researcher Tharin tells you, "Yes, these Mosswart do seem to utilize a strange cipher - unusual even for Mosswarts. Luckily for you, I've figured out what they mean by some of these keywords..."

Researcher Tharin spends a moment explaining the most recent scheme of the Mosswarts - enough for you to report back to Sergeant Brigitta.
Showing Piece of Paper to Sergeant Brigitta

You present the transcribed papers you gathered to the sergeant.

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Can you read these? I can't. Without being able to make out what they say, they're not much use to me."

The sergeant pauses for a moment to ponder, then speaks again.

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "I've heard that there might be someone in MacNiall's ragtag village who is doing research on the Mosswarts. Maybe you should bring this note there and see what he thinks of it?"
Handing in Piece of Paper to Researcher Tharin

You give Researcher Tharin Piece of Paper.

Researcher Tharin gives you Piece of Paper.

Researcher Tharin tells you, "Here's a more in-depth translation of what you took, for your own records. I doubt that your Sergeant Brigitta will need any of this information - this is for your own purposes."

From the translation job that Tharin did, however, you do feel like you understand the Mosswart plans better, and are now prepared to report them to Sergeant Brigitta.
Returning to Sergeant Brigitta

You explain in detail how Researcher Tharin interpreted the Mosswart plans, and then mention the Mosswart shaman you freed and his intentions.

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Well done, adventurer! We appreciate what you've done to help protect Kryst from the Mosswart threat."

You've earned 30,000,000 experience.
Receiving Blessed Spear of the Mosswart Gods from Ahumba

Ahumba tells you, "Humie help Mosswart shamans flee Bragara. Humie receive great spear from Mosswart gods as reward. Mosswart debt to humie end here."

Ahumba gives you Blessed Spear of the Mosswart Gods.

Ahumba tells you, "This place holy to Mosswart gods and heroes. Ahumba care for place, not fight in it. But you not belong here. You go. Nothing for you here."
Handing in Blessed Spear of the Mosswart Gods to Sergeant Brigitta

You give Sergeant Brigitta Blessed Spear of the Mosswart Gods.

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "I think we can find a soldier to equip this with. Thank you for the contribution."

You've earned 3,441,334 experience.
Quest Repeats

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Welcome back. We believe that the Mosswarts have devised a new plan, and if you could retrieve the information for us it, and free another shaman along the way as well, that would be very appreciated."

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "Do you need a reminder of what we need? Alright."

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "The Mosswarts presumably have plans to take Kryst at some point. We need to interrupt their plans somehow, and the best way to do this would to know what exactly their plans are."

Sergeant Brigitta tells you, "While you're at it, we've also heard that not all Mosswarts are working along with Bragara. It would help our cause if someone freed some of those Mosswarts to encourage unrest among the enemy."

Update History[]

Prodigal Sons

  • Quest introduced.

Secrets of the Apostates

  • First run XP reward increased from 17,206,671 (??% up to level ??) to ??.
  • Repeat run XP reward increased from 6,132,586 (??% up to level ??) to 13,765,337 (20% up to level 100).

Learning From Experience

  • First run XP reward increased from ?? to 30,000,000 (??% up to level ??).
  • Repeat run XP reward increased from 13,765,337 (20% up to level 100) to ??.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.