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One of the Primogenitor Undead, and de facto leader of the Filinuvekta in the absence of Geraine IV.[1] She is in an intimate relationship with Rytheran, who helped create her Staff.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

At the conclusion of the Millennium War Geraine and his servants, including Aerfalle, fled to Dereth to escape their destruction.[7][8] Aerfalle made her home under the Island of Aerlinthe, a name which was "suggested" in a dream to the Yalaini rulers of that island by Rytheran. She secretly keeps plotting against the Yalaini and has her hand in quite a few incidents on the surface.[9][10] Amongst others, Aerfalle and her followers are probably responsible for the murder of Galaeral. The Sacrificial Dagger was used to pull the blood of her heart into a vessel that held her vitae long enough to rip free Galaeral's soul and lock it within the walls of Aerfalle Keep. As a Ghost, Galaeral seeks to exact revenge on Aerfalle for all the terror she wrought upon Galaeral's Order and her sisters. [11][12] Aerfalle also had her hand in the romance between Hare Aralea and Lady Raina.[10]

The Filinuvekta, under leadership of Aerfalle and Rytheran, allied themselves with the opposing Dericost faction of the Latzimestal - "Lords of the World", Asheron, the Virindi, a rogue follower of Bael'Zharon named Isin Dule, and the Isparians to drive Bael'Zharon off of this plane of existence.[13][14][15] To this end, Aerfalle send emissaries to Chalicmere Castle and the Tombs of the Sand Kings.[10]

The Dericostian undead including Aerfalle and Rytheran helped to get rid of the Olthoi invasion [16] and tried to stop the advance of the Ancient Olthoi Queen, when she returned to attack Dereth. The undead sealed the passage of the retreating queen using the machines assembled by the Isparians via the Undead Mechanic.[17]

The dericostian Nobility, represented by Aerfalle and Rytheran also leads the faction of the Eldrytch Web, one of the three Societies of Dereth.[18] [19][20]

Geraine, Aerfalle and Rytheran cooperated with the Apostate Virindi to disturb the Ley Lines and change the timelines.[21][22][23] [24]

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