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Introduced:  Shedding Skin Related Quests:  Aetheria Quest
Aetheria (Blue) Icon
  • Value: 10,000
  • Burden: 50
  • Spells: Surge of Protection
  • Properties: Cast on Strike
  • Item Level x/x
    Item XP x,xxx,xxx/x,000,000
  • Wield requires level 75
  • A piece of the Sigil of .... set
    This aetheria's sigil now shows on the surface.


  • The Blue Aetheria, see Aetheria for different spell & set combinations
  • The name is derived from the ingame message (in the main window) when you try to switch Aetheria when already weilding one.
  • x can be any number up to 5, and the level is also indicated on the top right corner of the icon (the crafting recipe below suggests the aetheria will lose a level, but this is not so)
  • The set and spells will show up after using an Aetheria Mana Stone on Coalesced Aetheria (Blue), found on different creatures or in chests:
  1. Use Aetheria Mana Stone on Coalesced Aetheria (Blue) to create Aetheria (Blue).
    • Aetheria Mana Stone Icon + Coalesced Aetheria (Blue) Icon = Aetheria (Blue) Icon
A sigil rises to the surface as you bathe the aetheria in mana.
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