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Introduced:  Gears of Change Related Quests:  Augmentations, Augmentation Gems Updated:  Master of Arms
Alex Brummel
Non-Player Killer
Alex Brummel Live.jpg
Race Male Aluvian
Title Augmentation Trainer
Location 24.9N 48.5E in Cragstone
Level 251
Strength 60
Endurance 70
Coordination 50
Quickness 80
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 45
Stamina 80
Mana 140


Lore & Dialog

Alex Brummel tells you, "Bring me a blank augmentation gem and I will help you specialize your Gearcrafting skill."
Alex Brummel tells you, "If you haven't already done so, go talk to Fiun Rehlyun. When you get the gem, come back to me."

You give Alex Brummel Blank Augmentation Gem.
Alex Brummel tells you, "Use this gem to specialize your skill in Gearcrafting. But be sure to read the gem's inscription before you use it."
Alex Brummel gives you Tristra's Essence.