Introduced:  Release
Alia Dunolmad
Non-Player Killer
Alia Dunolmad Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Herbalist
Location Mite Maze
Level 12
Strength 70
Endurance 65
Coordination 120
Quickness 60
Focus 110
Self 120
Health 33
Stamina 65
Mana 120


  • Route: Take the Mountain Shortcut portal in Arwic.
  • Sells at 155%, buys at 90%.




Lore & Dialog

Alia Dunolmad is the wife of Harlune, and, as her name implies,[1] is the daughter of the farmer Dunol, mentioned in The Reign of Alfrega.[2] According to Chris "Stormwaltz" L'Etoile this was a relic of a time when Harlune was a powerful life mage who had attained mastery over death.[2]

This means that Alia Dunolmad was born sometime before 771 RC/-770 PY. Given that the present day is 1301 RC/26 PY, this would put her at over 530 years old on the Roulean calendar, or over 796 years old on the Portal Year calendar.


Alia Dunolmad tells you, "Hello child! It is so nice to see you. We are getting so many visitors now, I hope Harlune doesn't decide to move us again!"

Buying From

Alia Dunolmad tells you, "Remember to chew at least twenty times before swallowing!"

Selling To



Alia Dunolmad tells you, "Harlune does not spend nearly so much time here as he used to, and now he has a bodyguard stationed in here. I don't like it one bit."


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