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Introduced:  Release Related Quests:  Altar of Bael'Zharon Quest
Altar of Bael'Zharon
Altar of Bael'Zharon Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 50
  • Using this altar will convert you into one of Baael'Zharon's Chosen, a Player Killer, freeing you from the protection of Asheron's magic. This means that you can attack others freed in this manner, and they can attack you. Be warned: returning to Asheron's protection is difficult.
Altar of Bael'Zharon Live

Altar of Bael'Zharon


You hear distant laughter of delight and welcome, as you join the ranks of those freed from Asheron's protective shackles by Bael'Zharon.
You have become one of his Chosen, a Player Killer.