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Altar of Bael'Zharon Quest
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Lytelthorpe or Baishi
Repeat: None


The original two quests for turning Player Killer.

Follow in the footsteps of Y'leric Loredane, an Isparian who was one of the first to leave Asheron's protections by swearing allegiance to Bael'Zharon. He found one of the Hopeslayer's altars inside a dungeon in the Direlands.

The Warning Letter written by Y'leric is found at both quest NPCs.

Walkthrough & Notes

Method 1: Grilhud the Hermit

  1. Optional: Purchase the Bloodshed Rumor from scribes.
  2. Find the Broken Sigil in Dungeon Nye.
  3. From the drop, take the south passage up the ramp and hug the left wall until you come to a door leading into a small room.
  4. Head north out of the room and at the T section turn right and head up the ramp.
  5. Go through the metal door and head north to the next T section and go left heading down.
  6. Follow the corridor across the bridge into a room where you will find the Sigil on the floor.
  7. Now you have the sigil, you must bring it to Grilhud the Hermit who is found in a bunker not far from the dungeon at 11.8N, 33.7E.
  8. Give the sigil to Grilhud and she will summon a portal that drops you just outside the Old Talisman dungeon.
  9. Once inside the Old Talisman, head west and follow the left hand rule.
    • Note: Two of the upper levels of the dungeon have spots where you can drop out into the main chamber with the altar, but it's quite a long way down.
  10. Eventually you should come out just above the Altar of Bael'Zharon, jump down and use it to turn into a Player Killer.

Method 2: Drunken Madman

  1. Optional: Purchase the Path of Strife Rumor from shopkeepers.
  2. Head to the the tower mentioned in the rumor, it is found outside of Baishi at 53.0S 61.0E.
    • Route: Take the portal to Baishi from the east hall of the Town Network.
  3. When in Baishi first purchase some Sake from Kiun Baicho the Barkeeper in the bar at 49.5S, 62.7E.
  4. Give the Sake to the Drunken Madman and he will summon a portal to the Walled Portals.
  5. Now take the Outside Accursed Halls portal and enter the halls.
  6. From the drop, go west through the doors and hug the left wall until you have climbed two lots of stairs.
  7. At the third lot of stairs head north and then north again at the split leading into the open room.
  8. Now head up the ramp to the north into the room with the Altar of Bael'Zharon.
  9. Use the altar to turn into a Player Killer.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Dungeon Nye 6.2N, 34.4E -- 0181
Old Talisman 2.3S, 85.6W -- 01EA
Accursed Halls 24.0S 57.9W -- 01F9



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Grilhud the Hermit

Grilhud the Hermit tells you, "Safety-weary traveler, seek you true danger from others like yourself?"

Grilhud the Hermit tells you, "Then I will give you a shortcut to that which you seek. This is my service to those who wish to be free of Asheron's bonds."

Grilhud the Hermit tells you, "Bring me the Broken Sigil from the dungeon to the south, and I will give you the shortcut you desire!"
Handing in Broken Sigil

You give Grilhud the Hermit Broken Sigil.

Grilhud the Hermit says, "Ah, yes, that's it, that's it!"
Grilhud the Hermit says, "Here, let me grant you the shortcut. May your journeys be blessed with danger, just as Loredane's was."

You give Drunken Madman Broken Sigil.

Drunken Madman tells you, "What is this? Doesn't look like sake...."

Drunken Madman tells you, "And it's broken! Now leave me alone!"
Drunken Madman

Drunken Madman tells you, "Have you read the note on the pedestal?"

Drunken Madman tells you, "If that is what you desire, then fetch me a good drink of sake, and I shall grant your wish. Otherwise, leave this place. Hee, hee!"
Handing in Sake

You give Drunken Madman Sake.

Drunken Madman says, "Ah, a drink! Hee, hee!"
Drunken Madman says, "I know the secret walled portal path, and I will let you enter it. See?"

Becoming a Player Killer

You hear distant laughter of delight and welcome, as you join the ranks of those freed from Asheron's protective shackles by Bael'Zharon. You have become one of his Chosen, a Player Killer.

Update History


  • Quest introduced.
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