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Introduced:  Assault Related Quests:  Drudge Aviator
Aludi al-Jaladh
Non-Player Killer
Aludi al-Jaladh Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Warrior of the Wastes
Location 60.7S 88.0W in Ayan Baqur
Level 80
Strength 60
Endurance 70
Coordination 50
Quickness 80
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 45
Stamina 80
Mana 140


Lore & Dialog[]

Aludi al-Jaladh tells you, "I have received reports from adventurers that a great beast has been seen flying across the Direlands. They say it is as big as a house and spits fire and acid."
Aludi al-Jaladh tells you, "This beast must be investigated and catalogued. Go and seek out this beast and bring back proof of your findings."
Aludi al-Jaladh tells you, "The last sighting was south and west of Fort Tethana, along the western coastline of the Direlands."