Aluvia is a nation on Ispar. It is the homeland of the Aluvian people. To the west of Aluvia is the neighboring nation of Viamont.[1] To the south and east, beyond the Luparvium Mountains, is the nation of Milantos.[2][3]


Settlements Natural


Aluvia contains forests, plains, rivers, valleys, highlands, and mountains.[2][4][5][6]

  • Celdon lies nestled in the Belshain Valley, straddling the banks of the great Canfeld River.[2]
  • The Canfeld is birthed in the ancient granite of the Luparvium Mountains, which divides the bright fields and verdant woods of Aluvia from the gloomy moors of Milantos. It languidly flows, deep and slow, to the Ironsea.[2]
  • Thrushhaven, the traditional highland fortress of the Aluvian Kings, was deemed too remote for the Viamontian invader Alfric's purposes when Viamont invaded in 804 RC.[2]
  • The Ort castle of Holdfast is located in the Luparvium Mountains.[2]
  • Viamont is to the west of Aluvia.[1]
  • During the Winter solstice, in the northernmost regions, day can last but a few hours. In the northern horizon the annual auroral fires are visible. Mothers tell their children that this light comes from King Borimel's palace in the wastes.[3]
  • The Crimson Stars, or as the Aluvians call them, the Apple-Cart, only rise above the horizon during the summer months.[7]


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