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Introduced:  Throne of Destiny
Aluvian Leg
Aluvian Leg Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 300
  • Properties: Bonded
  • A severed leg.


  • Give to a Collector for 15,000 experience and 10,000 Pyreals:

You give Collector Aluvian Leg.

Collector tells you, "Well, that's nice and disgusting."

You've earned 15,000 experience.

Collector gives you 10,000 Pyreals.

  • Give to a mainland colector for an interaction:

You allow Collector to examine your Aluvian Leg.

Collector tells you, "I have no idea where you might have found such a thing. Perhaps in the islands of the Viamontians? Maybe someone there is interested in this trophy."

  • Does not stack.

Dropped By[]