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Amul ibn Rakhil
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Malik of the at that time young nation of Gharu'n, successor of his father, Rakhil al-Khur.[1]

When the Gharu'ndim poet and friend of Amul, Yasif ibn Salayyar, visited the Milantean court of King Laszko, Laszko put Yasif in his dungeon and used him for dark rituals. When Amul ibn Rakhil asked for the return of his emissary, Laszko remained silent. [2]

Malik Amul, thinking his emissary dead, planned to go to war with Milantos over this, but after being sent first one, and after more pleas unanswered, more fingers of Yasif, decided to take another path, and founded the Shagar Zharala, the Zharalim, an order of assassins. [2]

When Yasif escaped and returned to the court of Amul, he had lost his eyes along with all digits on his left hand. As a revenge for the torturing and mutilating of Yasif, King Laszko was assassinated by eleven members of this Shagar Zharala, the Zharalim.[2][3]

He died heirless, poisoned at his own birthday celebration[1], and the former court of Amul ibn Rakhil at al-Nafalt competed fifteen years for the throne.[4]

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