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Anadil of Shakrassekor Live
Anadil of Shakrassekor
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The Mu-Miyah groans, "Anadil, my old captain, I shall miss the war... May my strength be joined with yours...[1]

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The undead general staggers and falls to his knees, but pauses and looks up into <Player>'s eyes. "Don't let it end like this, young one. If you must send me to the wind, my task is your to complete. Protect the stone."
The undead general staggers and falls to his knees. "So it goes," he murmurs sadly. "I commend myself into thy arms, Isishaa..."


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Staff of the Nomads-Should the Stars Fall Icon Staff of the Nomads/Should the Stars FallStaff of the Nomads Icon Staff of the NomadsHeavy Book of Notes Icon Heavy Book of NotesAnadil&#039;s Crystal Icon Anadil's Crystal





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