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The townsfolk looked on in horror as the shadow forces grew in numbers around the town. They seemed to flow in from every direction. Suddenly a strange purple energy formed around Tou-Tou, completely surrounding the town. There was no escape now. Any false calm the townspeople had been showing was instantly washed away and replaced with massive fear.

“We must not panic,” Xao Fen told the few remaining people.

As the magical energy stretched up into the sky, Xao Fen turned to see fires being set ablaze around the edge of town. Shadowy clouds and purple haze then began to fill the air. The confusion and chaos was becoming over-whelming.

“Asheron will come. He will save us,” he reassured everyone.

Xao clutched his stomach. A pain was rising. Not just within Xao, but within all of the remaining townspeople. The agony was intense. Their world quickly darkened. As they looked around they could still see pieces of their town. The statue, the well, even the signs were still there. Everything else was simply a sea of black.

The pain continued to grow. It felt as if they were burning from the inside out. They wanted to run, to try and escape, but whatever was happening prevented them from even moving. They had no idea if anyone was out there, if they were all alone.

The Umbral Guard rushed toward Isin Dule with great urgency.

“Tou-Tou has been fully besieged. A vortex has opened up at the edge of town. It appears as if Tou-Tou is being pulled into the shadows,” the guard informed Isin Dule.

“Then they have begun. They are attempting to pull Bael'zharon back to the surface,” Isin Dule said. “Let us hope those souls who are still in Tou-Tou find mercy. Inform Asheron immediately that we can wait no longer. We must act.”

“At once,” replied the guard.

“I shall be gathering my forces outside of Tou-Tou. Have him meet me there,” Isin Dule ordered.

The Umbral Guard nodded before leaving the room quickly. Isin Dule turned to peer out of the window.

“The pain of corruption spreads quickly. We must act immediately or those people will become that which they fear most,” he said to himself.

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Archive Turbine 2008 center image

September 2011 Release Notes

Greeting and welcome to the September 2011 release notes!

This month the Asheron's Call team brings you some new items in addition to fixes to previously released content. There are changes to the PvP Arena and the addition of a new PvP dungeon. Read on for a better idea of what will be available when the September Event goes live.

  • Quests of the Month updated
    • Necklace of Elemental Adept
    • Necklace of Golden Flame
    • Lost Pet Quest
  • Montly kill task updated.
  • 5 Contracts have been added
    • Tentacles of T'thuun (AKA Blightfinger)
    • Gear Knight Excavation
    • Nexus Crawl
    • Jester Released
    • Vision Quest
  • Upgrades to the Derethian Combat Arena weapons.
  • Fixed the Bur Recall quest to prevent the possibility that someone could complete the quest but fail to get the Bur Recall scroll.
  • New alternate PvP dungeon called the Derethian Combat Pit.
  • New PvP events in the Arena and Pit that change the number of luminance statues based on time.
  • Mhoire Colo fight rebalances.
  • Mhoire Castle tweaks.
  • Adjusted the range of Flame blasts & Nether blast spells to be consistent with other blast spells.
  • Adjusted level & XP of Telumiat Hollow Minion to be in line with new creature xp curve.
  • Jester fixed so that nether resistance is normalized to match other spells (fire still does more).
  • Sturdy Bloodstone wand's life magic req's lowered.
  • Fix to a male Sho eye style that had issues with textured hair
  • Undead can now visibly display Hoods, Coifs, Basinets, Baighas and Cowls.
  • Fix to the Dark Isle turn-in NPCs. When completing the turn in for a piece of armor with a single essence, the NPCs would try to take 10 essences from the player.
  • Wrapped fletching components are now all consistently unsellable.
  • Fixed Branwyn to check for full inventory before giving quest reward.
  • Fixed Surloshen Realaidain to check for full inventory before giving quest reward.
  • Added a Shadowfire Life wand.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in September. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the September Event.
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