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The log popped as the sap boiled in the flames. Wardley watched the few tiny embers float up into the night sky and fade away. It was cold enough out here during the day, but at night one would freeze quickly without a fire.

It was worth the numb fingers and aching joints. Wardley was sure there was something going on in these frozen hills. Others told him it was just his imagination. He wondered; how could people who had witnessed the emergence of a new creature still refuse to believe that something was amiss. Maybe they simply didn't want to think about it; maybe it was the only way they could go on.

Another Wight, that was the fourth one Wardley had seen come into view in the distance only to disappear back into the recess of the mountain. That was certainly beyond the realm of coincidence at this point. The question was; is it worth leaving the safety of the fire to investigate tonight or better to wait until the morning?

It didn't take long for the curiosity to get the better of him. Leaving the fire burning and all of his belongings behind, Wardley grabbed his mace and rushed out into the darkness. It was tough to see where the Wights had gone, but gradually his eyes adapted to the night. He stopped at where he had last seen the undead stumble away. Kneeling down he was able to barely make out the lines of tracks in the crusty snow. As he followed the tracks carefully, Wardley found himself facing into the dark opening of a cave.

Wardley hugged the wall as he slid down into the cave. He swore it got colder with every inch down. Finally some light made its way into the tunnel ahead of him. Getting closer to the opening, he started to see different ice structures filling the large cavern. Looking up, Wardley's jaw fell open. It was as if the mountain was hollow. As far as he could see there was no ceiling.

Exploring the room led him to another tunnel leading further into the rock. Rooms were carved out along the way. The Wights were building within the mountain, Wardley wasn't sure why. He made his way through the tunnels, rooms and doors until he reach a wobbly rope bridge. It reached out across the icy expanse he had entered through. The bridge creaked and swayed as he stepped out onto it giving a rather unsettling feeling with the razor sharp ice that loomed below.

He ducked into a room connected to the bridge as fast as he could. He sighed with relief that he hadn't plummeted to his death before noticing a picture lit with blue flames on the wall ahead. A ring of candles lay on the floor in front of it. A place of worship? Who was that man in the blue robe and why did the Wights honor him so?

"His Eternal Splendor will be most pleased with my offering," a raspy voice broke through the silence behind him. There was no time for Wardley to react.

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November 2011 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the November 2011 Release Notes!

This month we have celebrated the 12th Anniversary of Asheron's Call! Everyone on the team is extremely proud of what has been accomplished thus far, and we are all looking forward to what the future holds. In the meantime, let's see what this months update has in store!

  • Monthly Kill tasks updated
  • New Quest of the Month quests
    • Southern Shroud Cabal
    • Yanshi Tunnels (AKA Shield of Yanshi)
    • Sword of Bellenesse
  • 5 Contracts have been added
    • Gurog Henchmen
    • Gurog Minion
    • Gurog Soldier
    • Yanshi Tunnels (AKA Shield of Yanshi)
    • Aerbax's Prodigal Tusker
  • The 25 use golden keyrings obtained through the apology writs now work on the grand casino chests.
  • Cloaks: Nether Damage over Time effects should now be able to trigger cloak effects (including the Incoming Damage Reduction)
  • New Augmentation Jack of All Trades, is given by Arianna the Adept whom can be found at Bandit Castle
  • Isparians now start with Jack of All Trades augmentation
  • TAILORING UPDATE: All quest armor/clothing/shields are now tailorable. Unenchantable armor can now be tailored with regular armor.
  • Players can now reduce multi slot sleeves/leggings down to any of the slots it covers. All chest armor still reduces to breastplate. Reduced armor can now be tailored to single slot armor.
  • Material no longer transferred through tailoring
  • Armor Slot Adjustments:
    • Swift/quick/fleet strike gauntlets - no longer cover lower arms
    • Assassin's Cowl/Sand Cowl/Doomshark Hide Coat - no longer cover head
    • Auroric Exarch Coat - no longer cover hands/abdomen
    • Exarch Plate Coat - no longer cover hands/abdomen
    • Luminescent Thaumaturgic Coat - no longer cover hands/abdomen
    • Thaumaturgic Plate Coat - no longer cover hands/abdomen
    • Towel and Clean, Dry Towel - now cover abdomen
    • Suzuhara's Girth - No longer covers upper legs.
    • Snarl's Jerkin - no longer covers lower arms.
    • Empyrean Scalemail Shirt - abdomen removed from coverage.
    • Branith's Shirt - abdomen removed from coverage.
    • Nightclub shirts - abdomen removed from coverage.
    • Coarse Hide Shirt - abdomen removed from coverage.
    • Alphus Lounging Shirt - abdomen removed from coverage.
    • Aerlinthe Monarch/Patron shirts - abdomen removed from coverage.
    • Alphus Wading Pants - abdomen added to coverage.
  • Made following items inscribable: Kurth's Shield, Squalid Coat, Whispering Blade Gloves, Pack Asheron, Pack Bael'Zharon, Pack Gaerlan, Pack Kukuur, Pack Levistras, Pack Martine, Pack Olthoi Queen, Living Tome, Spectral Staff, Soul Bound Staff, Heartbreaker, Souldrinker (all versions), all Spectral weapons
  • SOCIETY: Quartermasters now sell Society Cloak tailoring appearance appliers
  • SOCIETY: Quartermasters Society breastplate cloth remover as well as a breastplate restorer.
  • SOCIETY: Shield covers can now be put on any type of shield
  • TINKERING: The stack of velvet now has correct icon.
  • TINKERING: Due to changes in how material data is used. Salvage will now be called “Leather Salvage” instead of “Salvaged Leather”
  • Leather, Sandstone, and Uninscribe stones should now be usable on all quest armor and clothing.
  • 3 New Hoods have been added to loot
  • October Revert: Body parts trophies removed, and special spawns removed (harvest reapers, gravestones)
  • New attribute reset NPC has been added
  • New welcome to Dereth introductory quest line in the 4 starter towns.
  • Facility Hub recall spell given by the green colored Society/Explorer NPCs in the 9 low level towns.
  • Added Tumerok info into the Innate Ability Switching text given by the Changer of Innate Abilities NPC
  • Made Colosseum Master Robes Ivoryable
  • Reduce the level requirement of Silver as well as Gold Gear Trooper Kill Task to 30.
  • A new 12th anniversary shirt is available at a retailer near you!
  • Gear Knights now use underclothes to determine cloak color
  • Casino: Lightning proof sets will no longer appear more often than other sets from Casino chests.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in November. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the November Event.
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