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Present Dilemma

Emperor Geraine sat in the quiet dark of his throne room. An eerie silver light radiated from the bowl set next to his throne, whose waters were filled with rippling images and shifting scenes. The Emperor watched the images with a mild interest, a look of contentment on his otherwise stoic visage.

As Geraine watched the images play out in the magical bowl, his Seneschal stiffly and slowly approached the dais. The Seneschal looked loathe to interrupt his Emperor's musings, especially with bad news, and did his best to keep his eyes to the floor until his master acknowledged him.

"Have you found out that which I asked of thee?" asked the Emperor, without looking up or otherwise acknowledging the Seneschal. The Seneschal almost jumped out of his shriveled skin when the Emperor spoke. He never got used to how the Emperor always knew exactly where he was.

"Y-yes, my Lord. As you requested, I made some quiet inquiries into General Thurask's... new hobby. He has indeed been violating your edicts involving the recording of information about your many works." The Seneschal was sure this would anger his Emperor. The General had served the noble Empire from the beginning, and had been a loyal servant of the Emperor in all things. This betrayal would surely be a grievous blow. He just hoped that the Emperor would not vent his anger upon his poor, loyal Seneschal.

To his surprise, the Emperor merely smiled.

"Thank you, Seneschal, that will be all."

"Yes, my Lord." said the Seneschal, backing quietly out of the room. He was now terribly confused. He had been privy to most of the Emperor's manipulations of Dereth, and this amusement at what was a gross betrayal of the secrecy necessary in the proper manipulation of events was dumbfounding.

Back in the quiet of the throne room, Geraine watched the old general in his scrying bowl. The old skeleton general was sitting in a sandstone chamber, quietly writing by the light of a single candle. "Ahh, my old friend, had your timing been different; I would have had to kill you for your transgression. Now, I can only thank you. It is far too late for them to stop what they will learn from your journals, and it is so much more entertaining when someone gloats for you..."

Elsewhere in Dereth...

Borelean sat alone in the ancient Falatacot ruins where he had hidden his present workings. "There has to be a way to make this work... I will get her back... I will find a way to restore her to me..."

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The Little Aluvian

The little Aluvian laid down in his bed
awaiting the stories that would soon fill his head
Where are these children, ask you may.
Well they are safe from all danger, tucked far away.

The mother began the story of a day long ago.
When a creature of merry traveled to and fro.
To all those who lived here he brought joy and great presents.
Those were glorious days filled with blessed events.

One day it all ceased, no more presents or cheer.
Simply children's pink cheeks, wet with a tear.
For the Sclavus they called Santa had simply disappeared.
Perhaps he had not known he had been so revered.

The little Aluvian did see his mother's sadness.
It made him determined and filled him with madness.
He would find this creature called Santa.
No jungle would stop him or swamp or savanna.

Once he was older he started to travel.
It wasn't long before his plans began to unravel.
The snowman had pointed and said it was near.
There was no turning back on this frozen frontier.

It was not what he had expected, not jolly at all.
At first it seemed nice, that all changed with a fall.
The silly little gumdrops weren't tasty, just mean.
Massive white snowballs were a sight to be seen.

Take this as warning and listen real close.
Beware of the penguins and the snowman who throws.
For Santa is clearly more naughty then nice,

and if you search for him you will surely pay the price.

Release Notes

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December 2011 Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the December 2011 Release Notes! Winter is coming! The snow arrives in Dereth once again and with it comes the chill in the air! This month brings many fixes and updates to the game as we head into the New Year. Let's see what this month's update has in store.

Monthly Kill tasks updated

Quests of the Month updated

  • Weekly: Farmer Kao's Plea for Help
  • Bi-weekly: Counterfeit Writs
  • Monthly: Queen Elysa in Danger

4 new contracts (Gharundim TN barkeeper, Devra)

  • Jailbreak: Ardent Leader
  • Jailbreak: Blessed Leader
  • Jailbreak: General Population
  • Jailbreak: Verdant Leader

Winter is coming! Ok, it's actually here. Snow, snow and more snow!

The 8th, 11th, 12th anniversary shirts have been fixed so the short sleeves display properly.

TINKERING: Material names are now displayed during the crafting process.

TRADING: Material names are now displayed when giving items to others.

Rare Bloodmark Crossbow's damage type & rending type have been matched to both be bludgeon.

Icon fixes for Scribe's Quills, Darling Collar, and Raeta's Necklace

Matched the following coats to have the same tailorable coverage as Hauberks:

  • Academy Coats (all colors)
  • Ursuin hide Coat (both summer & regular)
  • Heavy Ursuin Coat (both new & retired)
  • Dusk Coat (rare)
  • Patriarch's Twilight Coat (rare)
  • Squalid Coat
  • Furry Mattekar Hide Coat
  • Mattekar Hide Coat (retired)

Jack of All Trades Augmentation can now be exchanged for another Augmentation gem from all other Augmentation gem NPCs.

Removed abdomen coverage of Doomshark Coat & Upgraded Doomshark Coat

Players can now exchange old versions of the Balor's over-robe, Hoary Mattekar over-robe, and Hoory Mattekar over-robe for new chest only coverage versions from Yi-Yo-Jin, Gillian the Poacher, & Ketnan.

Players can once again dye an item even after it has been tailored!

Following creatures will now drop treasure corpses:

  • Blinding Virindi Energy Cluster
  • Dim Virindi Energy Cluster
  • Faint Virindi Energy Cluster
  • Vibrant Virindi Energy Cluster

The Olthoi Cuirass, Gromnie Hide Cuirass, and Armoredillo Hide Breastplates are now tailorable.

Tailoring fix to quest Olthoi shields such that they retain their intended colors.

Jumpsuits (e.g. Asheron's Raiments), are now dyeable again.

'KNOWN ISSUE:' Tailoring of Nefane shields & Upgraded Nefane shield results in broken palette textures.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in December. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the December Event.

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