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September 2012: Release Notes

Greetings and welcome to the August event, The Risen Princess. This month we are really excited to once again be delivering to our players some exciting updates and changes to Asheron's Call! One of the things we are very proud to announce is the return of weather effects! The team has been working very long hours to get this feature back in that has not been seen in many years. And did we mention that many of your favorite quest weapons have been revamped and their associated quests also updated? That is by far not everything, so make sure to check out the rest of the release notes for the August event.

  • Monthly Kill Tasks have been Updated.

  • Quests of the Month update:
    • Weekly: Atamarr Tasks
    • Bi-Weekly: Aerbax's Prodigal Human
    • Monthly: Burun Burrow Quest

  • New Contracts:
    • General Stipends
    • Master Society Stipends
    • Hoshino Fortress
    • 8 of Hoshino's Spectral creature kill tasks (Minions, Archers, Blade/Claw, Nanjou Shou-jen, Bushi, Samurai, Golems, Mages)

  • WEAPON AURAS: item spells are now cast on character and all weapons are affected by the appropriate castable buff bonuses (NOTE: item debuffs now only last 30 seconds in PvP combat, but last the full duration in PvE combat.)
  • Water of Stasis has been removed from the game world. This includes versioning it out of current loot weapons
  • Unenchantable weapons that once had built-in buff spells are getting their stats converted in such a way as if they had their item buffs active permanently, while removing the actual buff spells. (NOTE: All weapon buffs have been dispelled & will have to be re-equipped.)
  • Rare armor spells have been temporarily dispelled to address old set spells still applying their buff (This means rare armor will have to be reequipped to get their set buffs.)
  • Simulacra/Asteliary quest has been updated
  • Blackmoor's Page has arrived in Arwic to replace Blackmoor’s Favor, Asheron’s Benediction, and Asheron’s Lesser Benediction gems that have been lost
  • Changes to Alternate Currency NPC & associated Vendor
  • Luminance from inner creatures of Tou-Tou and Hoshino's Fortress has been increased
  • Luminance has been added to the nighttime Graveyard creatures
  • Rearranged the contracts from the starter town vendors by suggested level (except the Broker contract is always first)
  • Society Shields given epic shield aptitude buff
  • Academy intro skip NPCs now gives 2 Oil of Renderings
  • Increased the number of quest trophy bones from the three bosses in the Venerable Mausoleum
  • Added Two handed glyph for Hollow/Ravenous Two Hander weapon to Silencia NPC
  • Fixed some Atlan/Isparian weapons:
    • Minor/Major/Blackfire Sparking 2H sword now has protection from Lightning (instead of fire)
    • Name fixed for Major Flaming Isparian Dagger
    • Removed Mace mastery from Major/Blackfire Flaming Isparian Spear
    • Atlan/Isparian 2-handed sword icons fixed to be consistent with other 2-handed weapons.
  • Retired Shadowfire Life & Shadownether wands, as well as the retired Two handed Blackfire Spear are now ivoryable
  • Shadowfire weapons (from Aug patch) are now ivoryable
  • Shadowfire & Shadownether wands had their masteries removed
  • Isparian Modifying tool now retainable/de-retainable
  • Removed Ivoryable flag from Amateur Explorer Simi
  • Fixed the activation requirements for Yaja's Spear
  • Ji Ra Ping no longer gives a letter to Shin Ro which has become obsolete
  • Adjusted the damage & mastery of Lou Ka's Trident & Katar
  • Greater Deadly Spike icon fixes
  • Raider Lightning spike GD icon overlay removed
  • Fixed the following creatures from inflicting zero damage: Fists of Depth & various Moars
  • Collectors now only accept explorer gold & red letters from characters Level 40 & up to a max of 100 red & 50 gold letters per week
  • Aurten Rhell now gives updated casino coins (was previously giving old versions)

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in September. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the September Event.


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Lessons from the Past

“Master…” Kumamoto Daisuke began as he hurried into the room.

Shikken Moriyaki held up his hand to silence the young disciple. Muttering a few instructions he dismissed the other spectral forces gathered around him. As the last skeleton left the chamber, Moriyaki motioned Daisuke over.

Daisuke bowed before speaking, “I apologize master I should have taken the time to survey the surroundings before I interrupted.”

Moriyaki slightly nodded his head, “Everyday has a new lesson to be learned. Let us discuss the information that is of obvious importance.”

Standing tall once more Daisuke reported to his master, “We have witnessed some interesting activity with the Tanada. They appear to be bringing in a large number of new recruits to a temple hidden in the woods. As far as we can tell it may be a training facility.”

“That is interesting. Have any conversations been overheard, any documents been recovered.”

“We captured one of their men. There was nothing on him. He swallowed some poison before we could get anything out of him.”

“It must be a very important mission for such safeguards.” Moriyaki crossed his arms. Even with no expression, Daisuke knew his master well and understood he was already formulating a plan.

“The only conclusion is an attack on us, correct?”

“Although that is likely, we cannot be certain. You must never rush to judgment when you can instead gather more information. We must get inside this temple.”

“What if we are caught? That would cause instant retaliation and we would be fighting two wars at once.”

“You are correct. That is why it will not be us who enter. Send word to Darviss; it is time to use his recruits. Tell him we need any information they can find in that temple, no matter the cost.”

Daisuke bowed to his master, ready to embark on his mission.

“And tell Darviss all of those Tanada recruits must die. The world must know that if you side with the Tanada you will pay with your life.”

Release Fiction

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Release Fiction

The old soldier carefully moved down the mineshaft, listening for the creature that had caused the Lugian miners to abandon the site. His companion started to grumble, which brought the pair to a dead stop.

“You have a problem?” asked the old soldier.

“I’m just not sure why we’re going into this so… slowly,” replied the young adventurer. “I mean, they’re miners, not warriors. I’d have to imagine a small drudge would look scary to them.”

“Don’t underestimate the Lugians, even their lowest castes are trained for combat.”

“There are plenty of people trained for combat that’ll still run away from a small drudge.”

“Why are you so convinced they’re overestimating this thre...” The question died on the old soldier’s lips as he rounded the corner, and the largest gromnie he had ever seen turned on him and hissed.

“Well,” said the young adventurer, staring at the large reptile, “I will admit that that’s just a tad bigger than a small drudge.”

At that point, the conversation was cut off as the gromnie spit out a long stream of acid, covering the pair. A short, incredibly violent minute later, and the creature was dead. The old soldier leaned against the wall, catching his breath, while the young adventurer checked the creature and the surroundings for anything of value.

“Do you think they were exaggerating now?” asked the old soldier.

“No, no I don’t. I guess I owe them an apology when we get back outside.”

“Yes, you do. We’ll worry about that later though. I see a light up ahead, so I’m guessing we’re near the portal they uncovered. Let’s go see.”

The pair moved up the mine shaft carefully, listening for any more of the gromnies.

“So far, so good,” whispered the young adventurer, taking everything much more seriously now. “I can see the portal up ahead. It’s a weird one.”

“It’s not weird; it’s just not formed the same way Asheron’s portals are. You see a lot of portals like that around Falatacot ruins.”

“When did you become the history buff?” asked the young adventurer, snidely.

“Just because I usually don’t bother with the useless details you so like to obsess over doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention to the useful information,” came the gruff reply. “C’mon, let’s go see this ruin.”

“Lead on, mighty explorer,” the young adventurer announced with a mocking bow.

“Keep it up, and I’ll feed you to the next gromnie,” replied the old soldier, smacking the young adventurer in the back of the head. “It’s time to see what the miners dug up for the sand-girl.”
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