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February 2013: Release Notes

Welcome to the release notes for Asheron's Call! These release notes were posted on Tuesday, February 19th 2013.

  • Monthly Kill Task updated
  • Quests of the Month
    • Weekly: Brewmaster
    • Bi-Weekly: Arcane Pedestal
    • Monthly: Temple of Liazk Itzi
    • Buried Alive (Crystal Core)
    • Defeat Hoshino Kei (Hoshino Must Die)
    • Protecting Picketed Pets (On Strike)
    • Ritual Disruption (Halt Dericost Ritual Quest)
    • Ritual Investigation (Dericost Ritual Investigation)
  • NEW SKILL: Summoning
  • NEW Loot Tier
  • Many high level quest rewards have been adjusted to the new loot tier. Updated the following:
    • Penguin Mouf
    • Hoshino Fortress Infiltration
    • Ninja Academy
    • Tanada Intercept and Slaughter
    • Nanjou Stockade
    • Releasing the Light
    • First Sister
    • Second Sister
    • Third Sister
    • Defeat Hoshino Kei
    • Foundry of Izexi Quest
    • Neftet Sand Temple
    • Mhoire Castle
    • Mhoire Oubliette
    • Geraine's Library
    • Geraine's Bodies
    • Lost Ruins Quest
  • The Following creature types have been rebalanced:
    • Armoredillos
    • Aurochs
    • Banderlings
    • Carenzi
    • Chittick
    • Drudges
    • Eaters
    • Fiuns
    • Gurogs
    • Idols
    • Mosswarts
    • Olthoi
    • Phyntos
    • Reedsharks/Shallow sharks
    • Ruschk
    • Skeletons
    • Tuskers
    • Undead
    • Mumiyah
    • Elementals
    • Grievvers
    • Marguls
    • Shadows
    • Golems
    • Moars
  • Green Society Agents no longer give Teleportation Device to the Facility Hub, and instead now give a facility hub portal gem.
  • Castable Level 8 Item Self Spells have been increased to the loot only versions of the spells.
    • Blood Drinker Self 8 now provides +24 damage mod.
    • Defender Self 8 now provides 20% defense mod.
    • Spirit Drinker Self 8 now provides 8% damage mod
  • New bonus added to specialized defenses against damage of their respective attack type. (Applied in both PvE & PvP)
    • Specialized Melee Defense skill now adds 1 Damage Rating Resist for every 60 pts against melee attacks
    • Specialized Missile Defense skill now adds 1 Damage Rating Resist for every 50 pts against missile attacks
    • Specialized Magic Defense skill now adds 1 Damage Rating Resist for every 50 pts against magic attacks
  • New Luminance Augmentation, Aura of the World, which adds to base value of all skills.
  • The +10 skill increase from Steel Circle, Five Fold Path, and Focused Eye augmentations now visibly adds to base skill (in white numerals)
  • Swapped the XP award between the Male/Female tusker tusk quest
  • Resistance Augmentation Swap NPC, Sakeenah Qureshi, now recognizes players with over 1 million luminance
  • Resistance Augmentation Swap NPC, Sakeenah Qureshi, now fixes anyone who lost their token & augmentation swap gems (e.g. town crier)
  • Shou-jen Shozoku armor from Hoshino Tower quest was fixed to properly display its set bonus
  • Fixed icon for Skeletal Atlatl & enhanced Skeleton Atlatl
  • Report Abuse & Urgent Assistance buttons now redirects to the Turbine Support page.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in February. Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are several new quests and exciting things going into the game for the February Event.


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Balance of Power

The adventurers arrayed themselves around the room in a practiced manner before one approached the center to trigger the ritual. Attacks upon the catacombs under the spectral fortress had been happening regularly since the Royal Knights uncovered the hatches and wards. The secrets of the defenses and the ritual had long since been documented and shared. As the lone adventurer approached the central ward, the Lady of Mysteries stood by, preparing the summons for her sisters.

With a touch, the black-clad warrior started the ritual, releasing the energies saved up from all of the trials that led up to this one. A moment later, the spectral form of Hoshino Kei began to materialize. The adventurer barely noticed the sigh that escaped the spectre before she said with an almost practiced anger, “Do you think me so easily trapped?” She faltered as she looked at the adventurer standing before her, in his recognizable black armor. Slowly, she smiled. “Ahh, my love. I wondered when you would finally come here yourself.” Around them, the room exploded into violence as the Wards rose to block the ritual and the spectral skeletons attacked the adventurers who moved to destroy them.

Borelean removed his helm, “You know I wouldn’t leave you like this, not when there had to be a way to get you back.”

The spectral princess burst into laughter, leaning against the warding pillar in the center of the room. “Even after all you’ve learned, you still think you can somehow free your lost love from me? She is ME, you arrogant little man. I am your love and the Avatar of the Book. We are not separate beings.” Her voice softened, “Why do you torture yourself so? We are bound together, you and I. Join me. Just let go, and we can be together for eternity.”

Borelean faltered, the weight of her words pushing down on his heart. He looked very sad, lost, and alone. Around him his knights and friends battled the waves of specters. One of the wards had fallen, and two of the adventurers stood guarding the Lady of Morning as she channeled her power into the ritual. A knot of spectres fought against them to reach the spirit and stop her. He looked up at her as the conflict raged on around them, “Come back to me, my love. Let go of all this. We can save you.”

The spectral princess exploded with fury, “Leave this?! Are you mad? I will break you, foolish mortal. No power can expunge my bond to you. You freely gave of yourself to resurrect your precious little princess. Willingly done, knowingly promised. You. Are. Mine!” She lashed out at him, but was still held strong by the ritual. She noticed then that all of the Wards had fallen, and the ritual that would force her into material form was near completion. She calmed considerably, and smiled, “Ahh, your little gambit is nearly complete. In a few moments, I’ll be forced into a physical form, and then I’ll teach you the error of your ways once and for all. I’m coming for you my love, and I will not be denied.”

Borelean stood tall then, shaking off the loss that had been bearing down on him. He recognized the magics of the Book, pushing him into despair so that he would fall. He replaced the helm upon his head and adjusted his shield on his arm. “No my love, I am the one who will not be denied today. Did you really think I would come here simply to disperse your form, as the others have? No, I’m here for a different purpose.”

The spectral Hoshino Kei looked a bit puzzled as the ritual completed, but she did not manifest into a body. She could feel the bonds of the ritual strengthen about her, but that was all. Very quickly, the assembled adventurers formed a circle about them, facing outward, and the spirits of the four sisters entered the ring of bodies. The Lady of Harvests floated in front of the spectral princess as the others formed a smaller circle about her. “Avatar of the Darkness, you have taken that which is not yours to take, and though you seem to think you can control it, the spirit you have long held is not bound to you.” A green light started to emanate from the four sisters as the Lady of Harvests continued, “You were a fool to take so ill-bound a host, and then allow the Book itself to fall.”

To her right, the Lady of Mornings said, “You cannot hold back the tide forever, Dark One.”

The Lady of Twilight then said, “And all things must come to an end.”

Behind her, the Lady of Mysteries added, “Even you.”

The spectral princess spun on the Lady of Mysteries, and then gasped as she saw that the Lady bore aloft a large silver mirror, carefully rebuilt from a multitude of shards. She screamed, as the image of herself in the mirror began to shift and clear. Around the circle, waves and waves of spectral skeletons began to pour into the room, clearly reacting to the distress of their mistress. The encircling adventurers were holding them at bay for the moment, but the numbers against them were increasing quickly.

Borelean stepped forward as the spectral Hoshino Kei stared in horror at the mirror. The image of the living Hoshino Kei reflected back at her perfectly. The image just smiled as the spectre screamed. “I told you he’d come for me,” she said as Borelean spun with his shield, knocking the spectral form into the mirror. All along the inside of the shield, runes and geomantic symbols flared to life, completing the ritual. At the same moment, the circle fell as the throng of spectral skeletons surged forward in a last ditch effort to save their Queen. Moments later, everything fell to darkness.

Borelean awoke at the Lifestone inside the castle, surrounded by guards and healers. He was still a bit dizzy from the sudden and violent death. He looked up at the closest healer and asked, “Did it work? Is she back?”

“We don’t know, Your Majesty. Lord Asheron sent us in to tend to you.”

Borelean scrambled to his feet, aggravation mixing with the fear in his expression, “Where is he?”

“He said he was heading to his tower, Your Majesty.”

With a well-practiced movement, Borelean flipped out a small orb and disappeared in a swirl of portal magic, leaving his guards and healer far behind. Once he appeared in the base of the tower, he went directly to Asheron’s lab. The room was full of Guardian Golems and Light Elementals. The spirits of all four of the Lost Sisters hovered around a table, where Asheron was casting a multitude of delicate spells over a small body. Now in the room, Borelean approached cautiously, lest he disturb the spellcastings. Lying on the table was Hoshino Kei, seemingly asleep. He nearly wept at the sight of her.

Asheron finished his spell and turned to face the prince, “I’m not entirely sure what you did to manage this, but you do indeed seem to have returned Hoshino Kei to life. She’ll need a good bit of time to heal, and I’d feel a whole lot safer if we ran a good many more tests, but you’ve done it.”

Borelean sank to the floor, clearly relieved. The Lady of Mornings floated over, and rested a ghostly hand on his head. “There is no sign of the Avatar of the Book in her. Her soul is weakened, but it will mend with time.”

The Lady of Twilight looked over to him and added, “As for the Avatar itself, we did not manage to contain it. Her forces broke the circle before we could bind it properly. Without the Book to return to, it will likely remain bound to the last form it held, but it will be weakened by the loss of the host soul.”

Borelean looked up at the spirit, “So one battle is won, but the war continues on?”

The Lady of Harvests looked at him and said in a matter-of-fact tone, “The war against the Darkness never ends, young one. The shape of the battle merely changes over time. Even had we bound the Avatar completely, the Matriarchs are still loose in the world. The powers of the Dark Falatacot won’t be fading from the world as long as those three remain.”

The Lady of Mornings shot her sister a disapproving look, “Do not be so quick to dismiss such a victory as this one managed today. Light triumphed over Darkness, and he saved his love from a fate worse than death. Let him savor his victory.”

“As you say, sister,” replied the spirit, “But it is good to remember that endings are also beginnings.”


Original Link - https://www.asheronscall.com/en/content/february-2013-summoning

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When part of the Empyrean race was freed from their portal space prison and brought back to these lands, they brought back a fragmented knowledge of Geomancy. The Arcanum has taken this knowledge and has formed a magical system to summon creatures that will serve their creators in battle. With this new Summoning skill, players can call forth short-lived minions to aid them in their battles across Dereth. This is a new magical skill that can be used alongside all styles of combat. The details of this skill are outlined below:

  • Summoning works on the following attribute formula: ( Endurance + Self ) / 3
  • Summoned creatures are a fire and forget system. When summoned, a creature attacks the nearest enemy and fights until that creature is dead, the summoned creature dies, or the lifespan expires. If it kills the opponent it moves on to the new nearest target.
  • Summoned creatures have a lifespan of ~45 seconds.
  • Summoned creatures are melee only.
  • Low level summoning has access to golems (bludgeon damage only). Once a player hits level 50 they can choose a summoning mastery to unlock new types of minions. These minions cover the elemental damage types (acid, fire, frost, lightning) only.
  • Masteries
    • Necromancer
      • Summons the undead.
      • Available creatures: Zombies, Skeletons, Spectres.
    • Primalist
      • Summons the most basic forms of life.
      • Available creatures: K’naths, Elementals, Wisps
    • Naturalist
      • Summons creatures of the land.
      • Available creatures: Moars, Grievvers, Phyntos Wasps
  • Golem summoning devices are bought from special vendors. Other creature devices drop in loot and can come with the following ratings up to 20 – Damage, Damage Resistance, Crit * Damage, Crit Damage Resistance, Crit Chance, Crit Chance Reduction. Do not expect to find a device with all 6 ratings maxed at 20! It is possible, but very very very rare. It is also possible to find devices with no rating on them.
  • Summoning devices are restricted by level and BUFFED Summoning skill.
  • Summoned creatures have maximum Sneak Attack skill.
  • A Summoning device has 50 uses. Encapsulated Spirit will drop in loot and is used to refill the devices. Encapsulated Spirit will refill the device to a full 50 charges no matter how many charges are remaining.
  • The summoning device has a cool down of 45 seconds to use.
  • Summoned creatures do not attack and are not attackable by other players. No effect on PvP.
  • Summoned creatures are ethereal.

New Loot Tier

Original Link - https://www.asheronscall.com/en/content/february-2013-loot-tier

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New Loot Tier

Changes to existing loot are as follows:

  • Armor/Damage/Elemental Damage/Percent Damage can drop at new higher level in all loot tiers.
  • Minors can now drop from the lowest loot tier. Majors can now be found one tier earlier than before.
  • The rate of cantrips in tiers 1-6 has been increased.
  • Creatures that drop tier 7 loot (mana forge level of loot) have been adjusted to drop better loot more often.
  • Mana Forge chests have had luck applied to them.
  • The tiers of loot that creatures drop is being adjusted with the on-going creature rebalance:
    • Level
    • <=15 - Tier 1
    • 20-30 - Tier 2
    • 40-50 - Tier 3
    • 60-80 - Tier 4
    • 100-115 -Tier 5
    • 135-160 - Tier 6
    • 185+ - Tier 7
  • Specified hunting areas/chests – Tier 8
  • All types of non-covenant armor can now drop with the top AL as opposed to only certain types of armor as it has been in the past.
  • There is now a max damage(elemental damage/percent damage) difference between the top and second to top wield on all weapon types.
  • Epic loot with sets will now drop with a level restriction of 150 instead of 180.
  • Broken Mana Forge Keys now have a 24 hr lifespan that is removed upon fixing the key.
  • Epic Spirit Drinker is now more effective.
  • Epic skills/attributes are now more effective.
  • Epic Hermetic Link now exists.
  • Summoning skill boost has been added to the Wise set.
  • Pristine Mana Shards will no longer drop in loot. Existing shards can still be turned in for keys. All creatures that previously dropped shards now have a chance of dropping a broken key.

New loot!:

  • Tier 8 is now a brand new loot tier.
  • Tier 8 weapons have a new higher wield req (10 points above the previous max wields) with higher damages.
  • A new level of cantrip “Legendary” can be found in tier 8.
  • Society Armor Chests have been switched over to tier 8 and have had luck applied (Quartermaster chests remain unchanged).
  • Tier 8 armor/clothing/jewelry has a level 180 wield requirement.
  • Legendary Armor/Weapon/Magic chests are found inside certain dungeons. Those same quests reward Legendary Keys used to open the chests. These keys have a 24 hr lifespan.
  • Aged Legendary Keys can be found broken on creatures or earned through certain kill tasks. They open chests located in Arwic. These keys have no lifespan, however the broken version has a 24 hr lifespan that is removed when the key is fixed.
  • Be on the lookout for special Chorizite chests hidden in certain dungeons. These chests can only be opened with lockpick. A character can only use any given Chorizite chest once before hitting a flag on time to use it again. The time of that flag varies per chest.
  • Armor in Tier 8 can drop with Critical Damage Rating or Critical Damage Resist Rating. Each piece can generate with a rating as high as 2. All pieces stack together.
  • Clothing/Cloaks in Tier 8 can drop with Damage Rating or Damage Resist Rating. Each piece can generate with a rating as high as 3. All pieces stack together.
  • Jewelry/Trinkets in Tier 8 can drop with Max Health Boost rating or Healing Rating. Each piece can go up to 3. All pieces stack together.
  • Hunting Areas that drop new tier 8 loot:
    • Hoshino Fortress
    • Graveyard
    • Mhoire Castle
    • Tou-Tou
    • Inner Neftet

Release Fiction

No release fiction.

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