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Release Notes

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October 2013: Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill tasks updated
  • Quest of the Month Updates:
    • Flags
    • Harbinger
    • Font of Jojii
  • Autumn has arrived.
  • Salvage value yield formula reduced. Bags of salvage now have a value cap of 75k.
  • Many quests now award MMD tradenotes:
    • Legendary quests
    • Quests involved in the 50-100 contracts
    • Several MFK quests
    • Top tier kill tasks
  • Increased the drop rate of Burning Sand Golem Hearts.
  • Rynthid and Hoshino luminance creatures can now drop legendary keyrings.
  • Black Spear cooldowns reduced to daily.
  • Portal access to Augmentation Realm Upper level extended to a week.
  • Aethelswith should no longer lock up.
  • Fixed scaling issue with tailored pre-patch Energy Crystal, ones already broken should now be fixed.
  • Exquisite Casino Chests can now yield Aged Legendary Keys instead of Mana Forge Keys.
  • Geraine's library quest now permanently flags access for Geraine's Hosts quest.
  • Generic Missile weapons and Magic casters can now be tailored onto elemental versions, but not vice versa.
  • Society armors can have other armors tailored onto them, but cannot be extracted.
  • Swarthy Mattekar Robe now accepts crafting interactions.
  • Whole coverage armor/robes can now be tailored to one another.
  • Silver Tuskers no longer count towards Tusker Guard kill task.
  • Fixed the Scarab spell formula of Dispel Life Other 5.
  • Merwart Mundagurg & Merwart Pelagurg wield their weapons again.
  • Fixed icon of Good Coruscating Isparian Crossbow.
  • Pyre Skeletons no longer drop their shields.
  • Legendary chests adjusted so players are less likely to get pulled on top of them while looting.
  • Withered Tumeroks Slashing Resistance has been adjusted.
  • Bow & Missile weapons that did not have a mastery were calculating strength for damage boost instead of coordination. (e.g. new Isparian, new atlan, Pvp Arena, etc.) This has been fixed. These same weapons also were missing a sound effect, but this was also fixed.
  • Rare Mouryou weapons’ spells improved to legendarys.

Known Issues:

  • One of the new quests do not yet count towards John's Legendary quest.

So these are just some of the things we have in store for Asheron's Call in October! Please remember that along with everything listed here, there are new quests and exciting things going into the game for the October Event.


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October 2013: Shattered Masks

Shattered Masks

“It is time that we hone the skills of our warriors. Their chaos must be funneled into their battles. For if they lose focus, even we would be subject to their rage.”

“What shall I do?”

“Trials; push them through tests, keep them busy and sharp. Force them to use their intellect in order to bring some stability to their emotions. Do not let them get complacent. Vary the tests to force their attentiveness.”

“And our invasion?”

“The weak species of this world already tremble at our presence. Few dare even approach our stronghold in the Obsidian Plains. They have proven themselves unable to hold back our forces, even with the help of the naïve and traitorous Lothus.”

“We ought to make them pay for what they did to you.”

"They will feel our wrath once our army has proven itself by destroying Auburean. For now they must watch, helpless to stop us. To see our power and know they can’t hope to halt our advances. Let them try and hold back the emotions they look upon so poorly while they wonder what we will do to them. They will see the error of their ways only once it is too late. They will finally feel all of the emotions in their true forms only moments before they feel nothing ever again.”

“So what is next?”

“The Lugians, such a physically strong race so menacing with their stature, fell to our influence in mere moments. The spiritual Tumeroks are not faring any better. We will go race by race, unleashing ourselves into their minds, turning them to our ways. This planet will fuel our war and provide us more soldiers to aid us in our battles to come. “

“I will get started on our training facility to prepare these forces.”

“Where as I will prepare to make my entrance back upon this world to show there is nothing those pathetic Lothus can do to me. I will turn this entire world against them. My forces will chase them to wherever they attempt to hide, even in the furthest reaches of portal space. I will take my rightful celestial place. Soon they will know, the Curator of Torment has returned.”

Release Fiction

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October 2013: Release Fiction

The queen sat in her council chambers, lost in thought. Arrayed around the room were her closest advisors, all quietly waiting for her to choose.

“Are you certain we can trust them?” asked the queen, looking to Lord Kresovus.

“I think that we can trust that they take this threat as seriously as we do, Queen Elysa,” replied the lugian in his usual, formal tone. “They do seem rather adamant about the removal of this rogue ‘Lothus’ Virindi and the Rynthid he has brought into this world.”

“I believe the same,” added in Aun Hareltah. “These ‘Lothus’ have aided all our peoples against this ‘Curator’ and his Xuta. It is time we repaid the gift.”

“And you are both sure about this? We aren’t being played by the Virindi in some new game to weaken or distract us?” asked the queen, still skeptical of the whole situation.

“They have been good to their word so far, and that is all they should be judged by. This Curator of Torment has wronged all our peoples,” replied the lugian.

“We will not walk blindly, my friend,” said Aun Hareltah. “We are all well aware of the travesties that can befall those who work with the Virindi. All of our peoples have suffered for it. We will stay aware. In this case, however, I believe it advisable to consider the enemy of our enemy, our ally.”

The queen sighed, looking all the more older than her years for it. “Very well, the resources of New Aluvia are at your disposal. My knight mages will help locate this elusive rebel Lothus, and then we’ll see about ending this creature’s assaults upon all our kingdoms.”


“The experiments go well, my master. Soon, we may reach a breakthrough with these creatures.”

“Excellent. Those short-sighted fools on the Council will soon understand all they have forsaken when they banished me.” The form floated over to a large portalspace fluxuation and gazed deep within. “They will find this place soon. Strengthen the wards, and allow the Rynthid access to the outer halls. We’ll have guests soon, and we should make sure that they are properly received.”

“As you wish, my master,” replied the smaller form, which then turned and floated away.

“I wonder,” mused the larger form, still staring into the fluxuation, “who will prove the faster.”
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