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November 2013: Release Notes

  • Monthly Kill tasks updated
  • Quest of the Month Updates:
    • Burun History (AKA Hidden Entrances)
    • Asheron's Trail (AKA Asheron's Departure)
    • Burun Liberator
  • Contracts
    • Kill Task: Tou-Tou Shadow Flyers
    • Kill Task: Tou-Tou Grievver Shredders
    • Kill Task: Tou-Tou Devourer Marguls
    • Kill Task: Tou-Tou Shadows
    • Kill Task: Tou-Tou Void Lords
    • End of Days
    • Lugian Assault
    • Rynthid Training
  • New PvP death declaration broadcast (off by default).
  • Contract lists increased to 100.
  • Friends list increased to 100.
  • All characters should now be able to pick up the 14th Anniversary Shirt.
  • Defeating the Curator of Torment quest now increments the Legendary Quest tracker.
  • Rewards of Defeating the Curator of Torment quest rebalanced.
    • Increased the offensive mods of Rynthid Tentacle Mace & Spear to be in line with the Dagger (25%).
    • Rynthid Tentacle Bow and Wands are no longer unenchantable.
    • Increased slayer damage mod and critical frequency of all Rynthid Tentacle weapons.
  • Elaborated on the names of the colored portals & levers to Rynthid Training quest.
  • Strong Iron Key's pickup timer (for Tumerok Salted Meats) changed back to 6 days.
  • Snow Tusker Blood collection quest changed to a daily timer.
  • The NPC version of Janthef, from the Escape quest, can no longer be hit by AoE/Cleave attacks which previously caused him to break.
  • Incendiary Guards are no longer immune to cold.
  • Fixed the art of the Deru Limb rare caster.


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November 2013: Fowl Play

The young woman stalked her prey through the town streets. Light of foot, moving from hide to hide, it was a craft honed through years of necessity. Her parents, the fools, had let themselves be corrupted into the shadows long ago leaving her and her younger brother to fend for themselves.

Strong, loyal, obedient, her brother had found work as a blacksmith’s apprentice. She tried to follow a similar path, but simply lacked the skills to find success in any standard trade. Not wanting to be a drain on him, she left her brother without even a goodbye. No family, never one to be good at making friends, she struggled on her own, sat hungry and cold on the packed dirt alleys many nights. That is until she discovered her own natural talents.

El'Yst Maggann snuck up behind the two Arcanum scholars, neither the slightest clue of her presence. Just as she was about to pounce, their conversation caught her attention. She slipped back into the darkness to listen, staying hidden as she followed.

“One of the A’nekshay told me the most interesting tale the other day.”

“Ah, the A’nekshay… a good people, their culture is deeply fascinating.”

“Indeed. During the start of the Mu-miyah invasion of Neftet, there was one peculiar mage who stood out from the rest. He took many of the A’nekshay and bound them to his service, as was the dreadful custom of the time.”

“Terrible what befell such a peaceful elemental race.”

“True, true. At least they have begun to get some relief. Adventurers flocked to that city once they were enlightened to the A’nekshay’s very existence.”

“There are some great souls in these lands.”

“So he took several of the elementals, but then he did something odd. He retreated to a dungeon and sealed himself inside.”

“Strange… why would he do that?”

“Well, it seems he wanted to further his knowledge and reach a deeper understanding of this world and its magics. He even brought some special artifacts in with him to aid his thoughts.”

“What did he discover?”

“That’s the most fascinating part of all. No one knows. He’s never returned, and no one has ever found their way into his sanctuary.”

“That is intriguing. We should research this recluse more and discover what was so important about his studies and the belongings he brought with him.”

Maggann heard all she needed. She stumbled out of the dark, bumping directly into one of the researchers. Grumbling about the annoying intrusion, he never knew what hit him. Maggann stumbled back into the darkness, opened the pouch she had lifted, and counted all the pyreal and notes within.

“Well this should be just enough to buy myself a fine robe to play my next role; one which just might move me out of these dreadful alleys forever.”

Release Fiction

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November 2013: Release Fiction

“I have found a new mission for us!” declared the young adventurer, sounding proud of himself.

“Oh, this should be good,” replied the old soldier, looking skeptical.

“A farmer named Ar’Oyd asked us to help him deal with a problem he’s having with some form of altered farm bird. Evidently it’s turned into some kind of monster.”

“You can’t be serious,” replied the old soldier, now entirely disbelieving.

“Hey, after the last mess we got into for the kingdom, you swore I could pick the next mission, and this is the one I pick,” retorted the young adventurer, getting defensive over his choice.

“Have you seen what happens when farm animals go wrong in Dereth? I was in Stonehold once when it got overrun by Mad Cows and this massive, electrical chicken… I still have nightmares.”

“Are you seriously telling me, after all you’ve dragged me through and all the grief you’ve given me, that you’re worried about some sort of magically altered poultry?”

“Oh, I gave my oath, so I’ll go, but mark my words, we’ll suffer for this.”

“Oh, I get it now,” the young adventurer said, nodding in a sagely manner, “You’re pulling my leg again.”

“I wish I was kid. I wish I was,” replied the old soldier, looking all the more resigned. “Let’s just hope this is a smaller problem than that damn chicken…”
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