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Release Notes

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March Patch Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for the March patch to Asheron's Call:

Viridian Rise changes

  • Statues with placards at the beginning of the first area now give the three kill tasks. (You still need to turn them in at the NPCs.)
  • The portal to the Enlightenment chamber has been moved away from the tree.
  • Nightblooms drop 3 for trained cooking, 5 for spec.
  • Amber crystals now drop 2-10 Infused Amber, up from 1-5.
  • Some summoned portals that move players from area to area now give additional items. (Make sure you have pack space.) The portal into the Rise, and the portals that take you across the spans do not give these items.
  • They give you Infused Amber. The first (entry) gives 0, second gives 8, third 10, fourth 12, fifth 14, and sixth 16.
  • They give you a key on a 4 hour timer. If you hand this key to the entrance statue it will teleport you to the destination of that portal. In other words, if you just used the portal to the final area and you die there you will have 5 keys in your pack. Handing the Viridian Key of the Sixth Portal to the entrance statue will send you to the drop location of that final portal in the last area so your group can come back for you.
  • Each reward and key can be obtained only once per 24 hours. The keys only last 4 hours so plan accordingly.
  • The final statue will no longer teleport people across the final span who have not progressed through the area. The jumpy path is *much* harder now, and may become impassable depending on how much I want to stop the people who PK through the wall. People who PK through the wall won't be able to get to the middle.

Society Changes

  • Tressar and similar NPCs have been fixed.


  • Extra spawns in the fifth room should disappear after fifteen minutes.

Font of Enlightenment

  • Burdened characters should receive their attribute reset token.

Paragon Weapons

  • Characters should be able to pick up the shard more than once ever.
  • Characters should be able to turn in Colosseum coins and progress.