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Ansar El-Kerdany
Non-Player Killer
Ansar El-Kerdany Live
Race Male Gharu'ndim
Title Explorer Society Outreach Officer
Location Kara - 83.2S, 47.2E
Level 100
Strength 300
Endurance 250
Coordination 320
Quickness 200
Focus 200
Self 170
Health 125
Stamina 250
Mana 170



Final dialog

Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "Greetings, Adventurer! We are looking for adventurers to help Dame Alistra."

Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "She is near the Inner Sea where the gearknight have formed a stronghold."

Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "Help her with her metallic menace and I shall reward you upon your return."
Older dialog

Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "Greetings Adventurer! The Explorer Society has decided it would help direct attention to citizens in need of help."

Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "This month we have decided that the crafting forges need to be restocked to ensure long-lasting use for the crafters of Dereth"

Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "Essences that power these forges can be found in one of three dungeons. Northern Power Forge at 18.4N 22.8W. Southern Power Forge at 82.3S 3.9W and the Western Power Forge at 21.9S 43.8W."
Ansar El-Kerdany tells you, "Return to me after you have fueled a crafting forge with an essence and I will further reward you for your deeds."

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