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"Oolutanga's Refuge is found on the tropical islands of Aphus Lassel. For many years, tuskers were taken by the Virindi and used as guards, slaves, or in their experiments. One such tusker is Oolutanga, a test subject of the rogue Virindi Aerbax. Oolutanga was gifted with incredible strength and size, magic, and intellect. He used his new abilities to escape from Aerbax's laboratory, and he fled across the sea to Aphus Lassel. Eventually, other tuskers were freed from the Virindi, and they live with their human worshipers in Oolutanga's Refuge." - Oolutanga's Refuge (Town Network Sign)

Aphus Lassel is located on the east coast of Middle Osteth.

Aphus Lassel


Related Quests[]

Kill Tasks[]


See Oolutanga's Refuge for a list of town NPCs.

NPC Name Location Type Details
Kleeoh 2.5S, 86.5E Quest Bobo's Medicine, The Legend of the Tusker Paw



Bunch of Nanners Icon Bunch of NannersChittick Head Icon Chittick HeadCoconut Icon CoconutJungle Orchid Icon Jungle OrchidLittle Green Seeds Icon Little Green SeedsReaper Reedshark Hide Icon Reaper Reedshark HideTusker Spit Icon Tusker Spit

Landscape Items

Jungle Orchid Icon Jungle Orchid


Main Island[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Chapel of Mowen 3.1N, 93.6E -- 594A None
Tusker Abode 3.2S, 95.0E -- 5C45 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Armory 0.0N, 89.4E -- 5948 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Barracks 0.3S, 90.8E -- 5A48 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Burrow 2.0N, 98.0E -- 5748 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Cave 0.4N, 97.4E -- 5B46 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Cavern 1.0N, 96.9E -- 5C43 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Emporium 4.3N, 95.8E -- F784 Ketnan
Tusker Encampments 4.0S, 93.5E -- 5C44 None
Tusker Freehold 1.6S, 95.5E -- 5848 None
Tusker Grotto 0.9S, 98.4E -- 5C47 None
Tusker Habitat 0.5S, 95.9E -- 5B47 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Lodge 0.2N, 98.1E -- 5749 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Pits 1.2N, 91.8E -- 5A4A Tusker Tusks
Tusker Quarters 2.3S, 95.6E -- 5B4A Tusker Tusks
Tusker Retreat 0.7S, 97.9E -- 5C49 None
Vengeance Caverns 1.9N, 93.7E -- 5D46 Tusker Guard Kill Task

Extreme Island (70+)[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Behind the Waterfall 8.7S, 85.7E -- 6044 Bobo's Medicine, The Legend of the Tusker Paw
Plated Rifts 1.0S, 85.8E -- 5B49 None
Rampager Bluff 1.3S, 85.0E -- 5C48 None
Tusker Assault 3.9S, 84.2E -- 5849 The Painbringer Quest
Tusker Gauntlet 10.0S, 86.5E -- 5C46 None
Tusker Holding 3.5S, 85.3E -- 5B48 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Honeycombs 1.2S, 86.9E -- 5A49 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Lacuna 9.9S, 90.7E -- 5949 Tusker Tusks
Tusker Tunnels 0.3N, 86.4E -- 5D45 Tusker Tusks
Whispering Caverns 14.9S, 86.0E -- EA6C Aerbax's Prodigal Tusker


Extreme Island Creatures[]

This large island is located to the west of the main island.

Chittick Icon Chittick

Tusker Icon Tusker

Main Island Creatures[]

Chittick Icon Chittick

Human Icon Human

Phyntos Wasp Icon Phyntos Wasp

Reedshark Icon Reedshark

Tusker Icon Tusker