Introduced:  Pillars Made of Sand Related Quests:  Crafter Quest
Apprentice Alchemist
Non-Player Killer
Apprentice Alchemist Live
Race Female Sho
Title Apprentice Alchemist
Location 54.4S, 73.5E in Lin
Level 5
Strength 80
Endurance 90
Coordination 70
Quickness 70
Focus 50
Self 60
Health 125
Stamina 200
Mana 100


  • Route: See Lin

Lore & Dialog

Apprentice Alchemist tells you, "Hello! My master in Glenden Wood, Tiffany Comfore, has charged me with the mission to encourage the people of Dereth to cultivate their crafting skills."

Apprentice Alchemist tells you, "If you bring me a vial of concentrated frost oil, I will award you with the funds to further your crafting studies."

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