Introduced:  Loss Related Quests:  Tou-Tou Blockade
Apron (Tan) Icon
  • Value: 16
  • Burden: 10
  • Covers Chest


  • Same appearance as NPC Aprons, including an "open" slot in the back where the Apron wraps around.
  • Worn as armor, not as clothing. Shirt color changes the appearance of the background of the Apron.
  • Visibly covers Chest and Abdomen, but only uses the Chest slot on your character.
  • Can be tailored. A Layering Tool is required for the abdomen coverage to appear when in armor.
  • Looted from the killable NPCs on Isin Dule's side of the Tou-Tou Blockade quest. Each NPC drops their own Apron in varying colors.

Dropped By

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