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Arcane Pedestal Quest
Level: 30
Type: Solo
Starts With: Optional: Slithe Tradittor
Starts At: Optional: 3.9N, 44.8E near Lytelthorpe
Route: Lytelthorpe to Osric Cottages portal at 2.2N, 50.4E
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Acquiring the Gelidite Dais

  1. This quest's lore piece, Rumor of an Artifact, can be purchased from the Barkeeper in Glenden Wood, Qalaba'r or Zaikhal.
  2. In order to complete the production of the Arcane Pedestal, you will need to acquire a Gelidite Dais from the Gelidite Library, and also three Bronze Statue pieces. You can acquire these prior to retrieving the other parts to save a fair amount of running later.
  3. To acquire the Gelidite Dais, head to the main quest dungeon at 69.2N, 17.2W. Once inside, continue through to the second dungeon. At the four-way intersection, go through the north door and take the immediate first east hallway. Through the two doors, you'll find the Gelidite Dais beside the Oubliette Gatekeeper. Double-click the Dais to receive one in your inventory.

Part 2: Bronze Gear, Coil and Spring

  1. To acquire the Bronze pieces from three different creature Statues, you will have to head to three different foundries. It's important to note that the parts need to drop off of a specific creature. If you try to turn in a Bronze piece that was dropped off of a creature not listed, Slithe Tradittor will refuse it.
    • Note: The Mammet Foundry is the most dangerous of the three, with numerous creature magic casters. It would be advisable to enlist the help of a friend to help keep the dungeon clear. Also note that the Bronze pieces are attuned, so they cannot be passed from one character to another.
Bronze Part Foundry Dropped By
Bronze Gear from a Statue Icon.png Bronze Gear from a Statue Mannikin Foundry Portal in:
Holtburg, Rithwic or Yaraq.
Bronze Statue of a Reedshark
Bronze Coil from a Statue Icon.png Bronze Coil from a Statue Effigy Foundry Portal in
Cragstone, Glenden Wood or Zaikhal.
Bronze Statue of a Sclavus
Bronze Spring from a Statue Icon.png Bronze Spring from a Statue Mammet Foundry Portal in
Arwic, Mayoi or Stonehold.
Bronze Statue of a Skeleton

Part 3: The Precarious Sojourn

  1. Go to Slithe Tradittor's cottage at 3.9N, 44.8E.
  2. Talk to Slithe Tradittor to receive Slithe Tradittor's Notes and Imaging Crystal, then go to the Precarious Sojourn portal at 2.3N, 0.8W outside of Al-Jalima.
    • Note: The quickest route is to take the Midsong Cottages portal outside of Al-Jalima at 5.7N, 4.3E.
    • Note: The Precarious Sojourn portal is found high atop a hill. You can climb up at 2.8N, 0.7W.
  3. At the Precarious Sojourn drop, run north until the final platform, then turn east. Continue until the second-last platform and head north again. Turn east at the next platform and continue until the end. At this point, turn south and jump onto the floating tower. You may wish to clear the platform of creatures before attempting the jump to avoid bouncing off of them (which may drop you to the ground, requiring you to make the trip to Precarious Sojourn a second time).
  4. Talk to Alatar Locke at the second-highest floor of the floating tower, and you will receive an Unframed map of Dereth.
  5. Use your Imaging Crystal on the An Empyrean device atop the tower to receive an Imaging Crystal- Arcane Pedestal imprinted in its place.
  6. Return to Slithe Tradittor and hand him the Imaging Crystal. At this point, you can hand him the Gelidite Dais if you acquired one earlier, and follow with the Bronze pieces if you also have those. If you have neither, it's recommend you spend time to acquire both the Dais and three Bronze pieces before heading back, to save a somewhat lengthy run. The instructions to acquire these can be found at the top of this walkthrough.
  7. Return to Slithe Tradittor and hand him the Gelidite Dais, and receive a Parts List for Arcane Pedestal in return. Listed inside are the required Bronze pieces to complete the construction of the Pedestal. Acquire these if you have not already. If you have, hand them over, one at a time.
  8. Return once more to Slithe Tradittor and hand him the three Bronze pieces the Bronze Gear from a Statue, Bronze Coil from a Statue and the Bronze Spring from a Statue. He'll award you with a fully-completed Arcane Pedestal.
  9. To complete the Dereth Map, pay a visit to the Woodsman who resides along the shoreline outside of Holtburg, at 43.4N, 33.3E. Purchase a bundle of Wood.
  10. Head to the southwest side of Zaikhal, to the Agent of the Arcanum's cottage at 13.2N 0.3E. There you will find Jordan Ibn'Ikia. First hand him the Unframed map of Dereth, then the Wood, and you will receive back a constructed Dereth Map.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Mannikin Foundry See here -- 545A
Effigy Foundry See here -- 5459
Mammet Foundry See here -- 5458




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Opening Dialog

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "Traveler. I have a tale to tell and a task I would put upon you. Were you to take this task on yourself, you will bear witness to things I have seen and a wondrous device I glimpsed but could not fathom or grasp."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "For you see, there is an artifact in a place unlike any that exists in Dereth."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I am an explorer for the Explorer Society. In a desert region, I came upon a suspended walkway hung out from the edge of a cliff. The other end of the walkway was attached not to solid ground but was lost in the spinning light of a portal. I held my breath and stepped upon the walkway, half expecting it to collapse and throw me to the ground so far below. Yet, the walkway held my weight! I crept forward and stepped through the portal. I arrived on another walkway, or perhaps the same one somehow extended through the portal. There was a platform at its far end, then another walkway... Well, it is something you must see for yourself. Suffice it to say that I journeyed through this structure, all the while being assailed by vile creatures. Near the top of this construction I spied an artifact- a tall pedestal it was, with arcane shapes gyrating in the air above it. I know not its function but it was clear to me that this artifact, this device, is of some import. There are many things it could be and none, I believe, of small consequence! Before I was able to reach it, a wretched monster sent me back to my Lifestone! Later, I attempted to return, yet the portal would not permit me to pass. I know not why."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I must study this device. I call it the "Arcane Pedestal." I even believe I have the means to create a version of it, but first I require an imprint of its morphology."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I shall give you a copy of my notes and an Imaging Crystal. The notes show you the way to that place. The Imaging Crystal can be imprinted with the composition and design of this device. Return to me with the imprint embedded within the Crystal and I will study it and determine how to create it."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "The Arcane Pedestal! We shall have the Arcane Pedestal!"

Slithe Tradittor gives you Imaging Crystal.

Slithe Tradittor gives you Slithe Tradittor's Notes..
Alatar Locke

Alatar Locke tells you, "Well, hello! My name is Alatar Locke. I am a cartographer for the Explorer Society. I was beginning to think no Isparians would ever make it to this place! I ended up here after spending quite a bit of time in the Floating City. I must say I do enjoy it here. From a good height, one can study the lay of the land and for one of my avocation that is quite a happy thing! In my spare time I have been making maps of Dereth. Perhaps you would like one?"

Alatar Locke gives you Unframed map of Dereth.

Alatar Locke tells you, "If you would like to have the map framed, I understand there is a Furniture Master in Zaikhal that may frame it for you. His name is Jordan Ibn'Ikia and he does quality work for little money."
Handing in Imaging Crystal

You give Slithe Tradittor Imaging Crystal- Arcane Pedestal imprinted.

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "You were able to do it! Let me see what kind of image you captured of the Arcane Pedestal."

Slithe Tradittor examines the images within the crystal intently...

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "Ah, yes I can see what its components may be. They are similar to..."

Slithe Tradittor turns the crystal every which way, peering within it...

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "Thus far I can only say for certain that a Gelidite Dais is required for me to build this device. Once I have all the components, I should be able to build a scaled down version of the Arcane Pedestal. Go get one now and bring it to me. One may be found in the Gelidite Library."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "I still cannot discern the purpose of the Arcane Pedestal, but with a functioning version I may understand it. It must be a thing of great power! Go quickly. Tell no one of the Arcanum about this. This is no affair of theirs."
Handing in Gelidite Dais

You give Slithe Tradittor Gelidite Dais.

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "Yes, this is the first component. I have been studying the imaging crystal and now know what the other components are."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "They are the same parts which are within the living bronze statues. Here is a list of the components. Bring them to me and I will construct this device. Remember, tell no one of this."

Slithe Tradittor gives you Parts List for Arcane Pedestal.
Handing in Bronze Statue Parts

You give Slithe Tradittor Bronze Gear from a Statue.

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "You have the Gear."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "Where is the Coil?"

You give Slithe Tradittor Bronze Coil from a Statue.

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "You have found the Coil."

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "The Spring is still required."

You give Slithe Tradittor Bronze Spring from a Statue.

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "You have obtained the Spring."

Slithe Tradittor quickly constructs an Arcane Pedestal!

Slithe Tradittor tells you, "This device appears to do nothing. I suppose you want your version. Here it is. Do not speak of this to others. Be gone."

Slithe Tradittor gives you Arcane Pedestal.

Slithe Tradittor mutters to himself about now being to make many more for his master.
Handing in Unframed Map and Wood to Jordan Ibn'Ikia

You give Jordan Ibn'Ikia Unframed map of Dereth.

Jordan Ibn'Ikia examines the map.

Jordan Ibn'Ikia tells you, "Such a fine map. This looks like the work of Alatar Locke, only he understands line weight so well! This would look magnificent hanging on your wall but it obviously requires a frame. I could frame this for you, however I have run out of wood. If you were to bring me some wood from a woodsman I could frame the map for you. I can hold the map for you until then. The woodsman in Holtburg carries very fine wood, even his firewood is of sufficient quality for this."

You give Jordan Ibn'Ikia Wood.

Jordan Ibn'Ikia tells you, "Thank you for obtaining this wood for me. I shall frame your map now."

Jordan Ibn'Ikia skillfully makes a decorative frame for the map

Jordan Ibn'Ikia gives you Dereth Map.

Jordan Ibn'Ikia tells you, "Don't let people mark it all up with their corpse locations, now! Hee hee!"

Update History


  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.


  • An interview with the Arcane Pedestal quest designer, Les Nelken, can be found here.
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