Introduced:  Under Cover of Night
Arcanum Refurbisher
Non-Player Killer
Arcanum Refurbisher Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Renovation Specialist
Location * Holtburg - 42.1N, 33.9E
Level 65
Strength 212
Endurance 170
Coordination 195
Quickness 120
Focus 220
Self 230
Health 85
Stamina 180
Mana 230



Arcanum Refurbisher tells you, "Greetings, I am an agent of the Zaikhal Arcanum specializing in the refurbishment of broken and abused items."

Arcanum Refurbisher tells you, "Over the years, we find that the elements of this land are often unkind to a number of our prize possessions. The wind and rains erode statues, dampness causes the colors of our prized pack animals to change oddly, and even the magics of the world itself play havok with some of the more.. disturbing... of our decorations."

Arcanum Refurbisher tells you, "This parchment contains a list of items that we of the Arcanum know to be most severely affected by the climate of this world. Should you find that you are in possession of one of these damaged items, please bring it to me and I'll see what I can do about getting it fixed up for you."

Arcanum Refurbisher tells you, "While I have the utmost confidence in my ability to repair such things, I have been unable to capture the knack of retaining any personalizations. This means that my repairs will obliterate any inscriptions you, or someone you know, may have etched into the item."

Arcanum Refurbisher tells you, "If you have any sentimental attachment to those inscriptions, I would recommend that you refrain from using the service I offer."

Arcanum Refurbisher gives you Refurbisher's Tally.

You give Arcanum Refurbisher Decorative Bronze Statue.

Arcanum Refurbisher tells you, "There you go, as good as new! I know of a number of other items that may well have been damaged. If you are unsure what I can refurbish for you, just talk to me and I'll be happy to provide you a list."

Arcanum Refurbisher gives you Decorative Bronze Statue.

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