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Introduced:  Betrayal Related Quests:  Bronze Statues Quest, Bronze Statue Weapons
Arcanum Researcher
Non-Player Killer
Race Female Sho
Title Arcanum Researcher
Location Cragstone - 26.0N 47.0E
Hebian-To - 39.2S, 81.6E
Zaikhal - 13.9N 0.1E
Level 44
Strength 220
Endurance 200
Coordination 220
Quickness 170
Focus 150
Self 150
Health 180
Stamina 310
Mana 190


Turn Ins[]

Accepted Items Rewards
Experience Pyreals Items
Bronze Gear from a Statue Icon Bronze Gear from a Statue 3,000 None
Bronze Coil from a Statue Icon Bronze Coil from a Statue 27,000 None
Bronze Spring from a Statue Icon Bronze Spring from a Statue 45,000 None
Bronze Nuts and Bolts from a Statue Icon Bronze Nuts and Bolts from a Statue 60,000 None
Ben Ten's Tachi Icon Ben Ten's Tachi 25,000 None
Bronze Atlatl Icon Bronze Atlatl 25,000 None
Bronze Battle Axe Icon Bronze Battle Axe 250,000 None
Bronze Cestus Icon Bronze Cestus 250,000 None
Bronze Dagger Icon Bronze Dagger 5,000 None
Bronze Heavy Crossbow Icon Bronze Heavy Crossbow 250,000 None
Bronze Large Kite Shield Icon Bronze Large Kite Shield 250,000 None
Bronze Longbow Icon Bronze Longbow 25,000 None
Bronze Morning Star Icon Bronze Morning Star 25,000 None
Bronze Quarter Staff Icon Bronze Quarter Staff 25,000 None
Bronze Quintessence Sickle Icon Bronze Quintessence Sickle 500,000 None
Bronze Round Shield Icon Bronze Round Shield 5,000 None
Bronze Short Sword Icon Bronze Short Sword 5,000 None
Bronze Spear Icon Bronze Spear 500,000 None
Bronze Tower Shield Icon Bronze Tower Shield 500,000 None
Cragstone's Axe (Bronze Version) Icon Cragstone's Axe (Bronze Version) 25,000 None
Zharalim Simi Icon Zharalim Simi 25,000 None

Lore & Dialog[]

Arcanum Researcher tells you, "I have the latest reports from the Arcanum with me. Asheron stopped by the Arcanum workshops and gifted the Tinkers with knowledge of Yalaini transmutation magic. Using their new insights, the Tinkers have found the way to penetrate the Foundries from which these statues have come. If you seek out the Arcanum Tinker in the Consortium near Xarabydun, he will be able to tell you more!"

Arcanum Researcher tells you, "Meanwhile, I will still deliver the same rewards for any trophies that you might find on the statues menacing our towns. I will give additional rewards for any interesting items found within the Foundries, for I am sure the Arcanum would be interested in studying them further."

You give Arcanum Researcher Bronze Coil from a Statue.
Arcanum Researcher tells you, "The Arcanum will surely be interested in this artifact! For this I shall reward you with 18,000 experience. Thank you!"
You've earned 27,000 experience.

If you try to give the Arcanum Researcher a second Bronze Coil from the same creature you'll receive the following message:
You give Arcanum Researcher Bronze Coil from a Statue.
Arcanum Researcher tells you, "I'm sorry--I have to spend the day packing up all these statue parts so I can send them off to the Arcanum. Come back tomorrow--I'll make sure I have enough empty boxes!"
Arcanum Researcher gives you Bronze Coil from a Statue.

Retired Lore & Dialog[]

The Arcanum Researcher turns to you with an air of efficiency and calm.
Arcanum Researcher tells you, "I must give you a general debriefing of the statue affair as it stands. Nuhmudira was so fervent in her persuasion that the Arcanum, believing that they were for the people's good, allowed them to be presented to the town centers. Now that she has been kidnapped, it is clear that the Arcanum was not the only dupe! Nuhmudira has stopped the dreadful sacrifices that gave these abominations life...but it appears it is too late--now they have gained sentience, they have started to take sacrifices of their own!"