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Prehistoric Auberean Dericoi Eipoth

The first age of the Yalaini. Arelis Eipoth translates to Golden Age. This era lasted approximately 15,000 years.[1][2]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
AE 1 Empyrean

Scholars are not certain what event marked the beginning of this historical epoch, or why it is called “Golden.” It is believed that the Empyrean, when formalizing their calendar in the reign of Alaidain, calculated backwards to an event known in their legends.[1]
The Isparian scholar Alatar Locke theorizes that long before the Millennium War and far before even the first stirrings of Falatacot malice in the swamps of the world the Empyreans willingly came to Auberean via portal magic with a singular purpose. What that purpose is remains a mystery. Alatar claims even the Empyrean forgot this purpose over the long ages.[3]

[Editor's Note: It is possible that Empyreans arrived on Auberean before the Golden Age. Placement of this event here is purely hypothetical, theorizing that Empyreans arriving on Auberean is the event known in Empyrean legends.]


The Falatacot exist on a continent that Geraine IV later states is located beyond the western sea.[4]

Dericost, Falatacot, Haebrous, Yalain

The Falatacot are driven to Killiakta by Yalain, Haebrous, and Dericost. It is on Killiata where they first hear the pulse of the Blood of the World; where they cease to be wanderers, and become the Keepers of Creation; where they become the blessed servants of the Wheel of All Things.[5]


The Falatacot diverge into two branches: the Dark Falatacot, dealing in the power of undeath and corruption in service to the Old Ones; and the Light Falatacot, working to protect what they consider to be worshipful spirits - the Deru Trees.[6]

Old Ones, Shadow

Kemeroi overpower the Old Ones.[7]

Dericost, Falatacot

Some Falatacot flee from Killiakta to Dericost after Darkness and cold put their gods to sleep.[8]

The Great Cooling of the World.


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