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Arena (PK)
Quests None
Restrictions Level: Any
Tieable: Yes
Recallable: Yes
Summonable: Yes
Coordinates 17.9S, 3.9E
near Yaraq
Nearest LS Inside the Arena
Route Northeast from Yaraq
Map Files: ACMaps Map
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  • One of the two Arenas that were introduced in the Taste of Twilight event in response to early requests for a Player Killer arena. The other Arena located nearby was also designed for PK fighting but allows non player killers to spectate matches as well.
  • Each of the two Arenas have a lifestone at the portal drop point along with two corridors leading to the spectating areas and main fighting area. There is also a surface portal and a Judging Station portal which can only be entered by those of PK status in either of the Arenas.
  • The Judging Station portal drops you at a platform suspended in the air of the main fighting area, the platform has 4 levers which open and close the 4 doors (two entrances with 2 doors each) to let players in and out. It is possible to lock yourself in should you be alone and jump down from the platform before opening the doors.



Items and Objects


  • Judging Station - Drops at the Judging Station platform in the main fighting area.
  • Surface - near drop


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Update History

Taste of Twilight

  • Dungeon added.
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