Introduced:  Master of Design Related Quests:  Augmentation Gems
Arianna the Adept
Non-Player Killer
Arianna the Adept Live
Race Human
Title Augmentation Trainer
Location Bandit Castle at 66.5N, 49.9E
Level 253
Strength 60
Endurance 70
Coordination 50
Quickness 80
Focus 120
Self 130
Health 45
Stamina 80
Mana 140



Arianna the Adept tells you, "I've always had a natural gift where I was better than my peers at every skill. I could probably share this trick with you but you'll have to give me a blank augmentation gem first."
Arianna the Adept tells you, "Find Fiun Rehlyun on the Halaetan Islands if you need a blank augmentation gem."
You give Arianna the Adept Blank Augmentation Gem.
Arianna the Adept tells you, "Use this gem to gain an extra 5 points to all of your skills. Be sure to read the gem's inscription for further details on its usage."
Arianna the Adept gives you Jack of All Trades.
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