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Preliminary list of loot generated armor with the same coverage, might be handy for Tailoring and transferring looks from one armor piece to another.
Use the sortables function to see what armor is available for each coverage.

Single Slot

Loot Armor Type Head Chest Upper Arms Lower Arms Hands Abdomen Upper Legs Lower Legs Feet
Alduressa Armor Alduressa Helm Loot Icon
Alduressa Helm
-- -- -- Alduressa Gauntlets Loot Icon
Alduressa Gauntlets
-- -- -- Alduressa Boots Loot Icon
Alduressa Boots
Amuli Armor -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Celdon Armor -- Celdon Breastplate Icon
Celdon Breastplate
-- -- -- Celdon Girth Icon
Celdon Girth
-- -- --
Chainmail Armor Chainmail Coif Loot Icon
Chainmail Coif
Chainmail Basinet Loot Icon
Chainmail Basinet
Chainmail Breastplate Loot Icon
Chainmail Breastplate
Chainmail Pauldrons Loot Icon
Chainmail Pauldrons
Chainmail Bracers Loot Icon
Chainmail Bracers
Chainmail Gauntlets Loot Icon
Chainmail Gauntlets
Chainmail Girth Loot Icon
Chainmail Girth
Chainmail Greaves Loot Icon
Chainmail Greaves
Chainmail Tassets Loot Icon
Chainmail Tassets
Chiran Armor Chiran Helm
Chiran Helm
-- -- -- Chiran Gauntlets
Chiran Gauntlets
-- -- -- Chiran Sandals
Chiran Sandals
Diforsa Armor Diforsa Helm Loot Icon
Diforsa Helm
Diforsa Breastplate Loot Icon
Diforsa Breastplate
Diforsa Pauldrons Loot Icon
Diforsa Pauldrons
Diforsa Bracers Loot Icon
Diforsa Bracers
Diforsa Gauntlets Loot Icon
Diforsa Gauntlets
Diforsa Girth Loot Icon
Diforsa Girth
Diforsa Tassets Loot Icon
Diforsa Tassets
Diforsa Greaves Loot Icon
Diforsa Greaves
Diforsa Sollerets Loot Icon
Diforsa Sollerets
Haebrean Armor Haebrean Helm Icon
Haebrean Helm
Haebrean Breastplate Icon
Haebrean Breastplate
Haebrean Pauldrons Icon
Haebrean Pauldrons
Haebrean Vambraces Icon
Haebrean Vambraces
Haebrean Gauntlets Icon
Haebrean Gauntlets
Haebrean Girth Icon
Haebrean Girth
Haebrean Tassets Icon
Haebrean Tassets
Haebrean Greaves Icon Haebrean Greaves Haebrean Boots Icon
Haebrean Boots
Knorr Academy Armor Knorr Academy Helm Icon
Knorr Academy Helm
Knorr Academy Breastplate Icon
Knorr Academy Breastplate
Knorr Academy Pauldrons Icon
Knorr Academy Pauldrons
Knorr Academy Vambraces Icon
Knorr Academy Vambraces
Knorr Academy Gauntlets Icon
Knorr Academy Gauntlets
Knorr Academy Girth Icon
Knorr Academy Girth
Knorr Academy Tassets Icon
Knorr Academy Tassets
Knorr Academy Greaves Icon
Knorr Academy Greaves
Koujia Armor -- Koujia Breastplate Icon
Koujia Breastplate
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Leather Armor Leather Helm Loot Icon
Leather Helm Leather Cowl Loot Icon
Leather Cowl
Leather Vest Loot Icon
Leather Vest
Leather Pauldrons Loot Icon
Leather Pauldrons
Leather Bracers Loot Icon
Leather Bracers
Long Leather Gauntlets Icon
Long Leather Gauntlets
Leather Gauntlets Loot Icon
Leather Gauntlets
Leather Girth Loot Icon
Leather Girth
Leather Shorts Loot Icon
Leather Shorts
Leather Tassets Loot Icon
Leather Tassets
Leather Greaves Loot Icon
Leather Greaves
Leather Boots Loot Icon
Leather Boots
Lorica Armor Lorica Helmet Icon
Lorica Helmet
Lorica Breastplate Icon
Lorica Breastplate
-- -- Lorica Gauntlets Icon
Lorica Gauntlets
-- -- -- Lorica Boots Icon
Lorica Boots
Nariyid Armor Nariyid Helm
Nariyid Helm
Nariyid Breastplate
Nariyid Breastplate
-- -- Nariyid Gauntlets
Nariyid Gauntlets
Nariyid Girth
Nariyid Girth
-- -- Nariyid Boots
Nariyid Boots
Olthoi Alduressa Armor Olthoi Alduressa Helm Icon
Olthoi Alduressa Helm
-- -- - Olthoi Alduressa Gauntlets Icon
Olthoi Alduressa Gauntlets
-- -- -- Olthoi Alduressa Sollerets Icon
Olthoi Alduressa Sollerets
Olthoi Amuli Armor Olthoi Amuli Helm Icon
Olthoi Amuli Helm
-- -- -- Olthoi Amuli Gauntlets Icon
Olthoi Amuli Gauntlets
-- -- -- Olthoi Amuli Sollerets Icon
Olthoi Amuli Sollerets
Olthoi Celdon Armor Olthoi Celdon Helm Icon
Olthoi Celdon Helm
Olthoi Celdon Breastplate Icon
Olthoi Celdon Breastplate
-- -- Olthoi Celdon Gauntlets Icon
Olthoi Celdon Gauntlets
Olthoi Celdon Girth Icon
Olthoi Celdon Girth
-- -- Olthoi Celdon Sollerets Icon
Olthoi Celdon Sollerets
Olthoi Koujia Armor Olthoi Koujia Helm Icon
Olthoi Koujia Kabuton
Olthoi Koujia Breastplate Icon
Olthoi Koujia Breastplate
-- -- Olthoi Koujia Gauntlets Icon
Olthoi Koujia Gauntlets
-- -- -- Olthoi Koujia Sollerets Icon
Olthoi Koujia Sollerets
Platemail Armor -- Platemail Breastplate Loot Icon
Platemail Breastplate
Platemail Pauldrons Loot Icon
Platemail Pauldrons
Platemail Vambraces Loot Icon
Platemail Vambraces
Platemail Gauntlets Loot Icon
Platemail Gauntlets
Platemail Girth Loot Icon
Platemail Girth
Platemail Tassets Loot Icon
Platemail Tassets
Platemail Greaves Loot Icon
Platemail Greaves
Scalemail Armor Scalemail Coif Loot Icon
Scalemail Coif
Scalemail Breastplate Loot Icon
Scalemail Breastplate
Scalemail Pauldrons Loot Icon
Scalemail Pauldrons
Scalemail Bracers Loot Icon
Scalemail Bracers
Scalemail Gauntlets Loot Icon
Scalemail Gauntlets
Scalemail Girth Loot Icon
Scalemail Girth
Scalemail Tassets Loot Icon
Scalemail Tassets
Scalemail Greaves Loot Icon
Scalemail Greaves
Studded Leather Armor Studded Leather Basinet Loot Icon
Studded Leather Basinet
Studded Leather Cowl Loot Icon
Studded Leather Cowl
Studded Leather Breastplate Loot Icon
Studded Leather Breastplate
Studded Leather Pauldrons Loot Icon
Studded Leather Pauldrons
Studded Leather Bracers Loot Icon
Studded Leather Bracers
Studded Leather Gauntlets Loot Icon
Studded Leather Gauntlets
Studded Leather Girth Loot Icon
Studded Leather Girth
Studded Leather Tassets Loot Icon
Studded Leather Tassets
Studded Leather Greaves Loot Icon
Studded Leather Greaves
Studded Leather Boots Loot Icon
Studded Leather Boots
Tenassa Armor -- Tenassa Breastplate Loot Icon
Tenassa Breastplate
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
Yoroi Armor -- Yoroi Breastplate Loot Icon
Yoroi Breastplate
Yoroi Pauldrons Loot Icon
Yoroi Pauldrons
Kote Loot Icon
Kote (Yoroi Bracers)
-- Yoroi Girth Loot Icon
Yoroi Girth
Yoroi Tassets Loot Icon
Yoroi Tassets
Yoroi Greaves Loot Icon
Yoroi Greaves
Loot Generated Armor Other (Cloth) Bandana Icon
Beret Icon
Cap Loot Icon
File:Cowl (Loot) Icon.png
File:Fez (Loot) Icon.png
File:Kasa (Loot) Icon.png
Turban Icon
-- -- -- Gloves Icon
-- -- -- Slippers Icon
Loot Generated Armor Other (Hide) Cap Icon
-- -- -- Gauntlets Icon
Gloves Icon
-- -- -- Loafers Icon
Sandals Icon
Shoes Icon
Shoes Icon
Steel Toed Boots Icon
Steel Toed Boots
Viamontian Laced Boots Icon
Viamontian Laced Boots
Loot Generated Armor Other (Metal) File:Armet (Loot) Icon.png
File:Baigha (Loot) Icon.png
Circlet Icon
Coronet Icon
Crown Icon
Diadem Icon
File:Heaume (Loot) Icon.png
File:Helmet (Loot) Icon.png
File:Horned Helm (Loot) Icon.png
Horned Helm
File:Metal Cap (Loot) Icon.png
Metal Cap
Signet Crown Icon
Signet Crown
Teardrop Crown Icon
Teardrop Crown
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- File:Sollerets (Loot) Icon.png

Two Slot Armor

Loot Armor Type Upper Arms & Lower Arms (Sleeves) Chest and Abdomen Upper Legs & Lower Legs
Alduressa Armor -- -- --
Amuli Armor -- -- --
Celdon Armor Celdon Sleeves Icon
Celdon Sleeves
-- Celdon Leggings Icon
Celdon Leggings
Chainmail Armor Chainmail Sleeves Loot Icon
Chainmail Sleeves
-- Chainmail Leggings Loot Icon
Chainmail Leggings
Chiran Armor -- -- --
Diforsa Armor Diforsa Sleeves Loot Icon
Diforsa Sleeves
Diforsa Cuirass Loot Icon
Diforsa Cuirass
Diforsa Leggings Loot Icon
Diforsa Leggings
Haebrean Armor -- -- --
Knorr Academy Armor -- -- --
Koujia Armor Koujia Sleeves Icon
Koujia Sleeves
- -
Leather Armor Leather Sleeves Loot Icon
Leather Sleeves
Leather Cuirass Loot Icon
Leather Cuirass
Leather Leggings Loot Icon
Leather Leggings
Lorica Armor Lorica Sleeves Icon
Lorica Sleeves
-- -
Nariyid Armor Nariyid Sleeves
Nariyid Sleeves
-- Nariyid Leggings
Nariyid Leggings
Olthoi Alduressa Armor -- -- --
Olthoi Amuli Armor -- -- --
Olthoi Celdon Armor Olthoi Celdon Sleeves Icon
Olthoi Celdon Sleeves
-- Olthoi Celdon Leggings Icon
Olthoi Celdon Leggings
Olthoi Koujia Armor Olthoi Koujia Sleeves Icon
Olthoi Koujia Sleeves
-- --
Platemail Armor Platemail Sleeves Loot Icon
Platemail Sleeves
Platemail Cuirass Loot Icon
Platemail Cuirass
Platemail Leggings Loot Icon
Platemail Leggings
Scalemail Armor Scalemail Sleeves Loot Icon
Scalemail Sleeves
Scalemail Cuirass Loot Icon
Scalemail Cuirass
Scalemail Leggings Loot Icon
Scalemail Leggings
Studded Leather Armor Studded Leather Sleeves Loot Icon
Studded Leather Sleeves
Studded Leather Cuirass Loot Icon
Studded Leather Cuirass
Studded Leather Leggings Loot Icon
Studded Leather Leggings
Tenassa Armor Tenassa Sleeves Loot Icon
Tenassa Sleeves
-- --
Yoroi Armor Yoroi Sleeves Loot Icon
Yoroi Sleeves
Yoroi Cuirass Loot Icon
Yoroi Cuirass
Yoroi Leggings Loot Icon
Yoroi Leggings

Three Slot Armor

Loot Armor Type Chest, Upper Arms, Lower Arms Chest, Abdomen, Upper Arms Abdomen, Upper Legs, Lower Legs
Alduressa Armor Alduressa Coat Loot Icon
Alduressa Coat
-- Alduressa Leggings Loot Icon
Alduressa Leggings
Amuli Armor Amuli Coat Icon
Amuli Coat
-- Amuli Leggings Icon
Amuli Leggings
Celdon Armor -- -- --
Chainmail Armor -- Chainmail Shirt Loot Icon
Chainmail Shirt
Chiran Armor Chiran Coat
Chiran Coat
-- Chiran Leggings
Chiran Leggings
Diforsa Armor -- -- --
Haebrean Armor -- -- --
Knorr Academy Armor - - -
Koujia Armor -- -- Koujia Leggings Icon
Koujia Leggings
Leather Armor -- Leather Shirt Loot Icon
Leather Shirt
Leather Pants Loot Icon
Leather Pants
Lorica Armor -- -- Lorica Leggings Icon
Lorica Leggings
Nariyid Armor -- -- --
Olthoi Alduressa Armor Olthoi Alduressa Coat Icon
Olthoi Alduressa Coat
-- Olthoi Alduressa Leggings Icon
Olthoi Alduressa Leggings
Olthoi Amuli Armor Olthoi Amuli Coat Icon
Olthoi Amuli Coat
-- Olthoi Amuli Leggings Icon
Olthoi Amuli Leggings
Olthoi Celdon Armor -- -- --
Olthoi Koujia Armor -- -- Olthoi Koujia Leggings Icon
Olthoi Koujia Leggings
Platemail Armor -- -- --
Scalemail Armor -- Scalemail Shirt Loot Icon
Scalemail Shirt
Studded Leather Armor -- Studded Leather Shirt Loot Icon
Studded Leather Shirt
Tenassa Armor -- -- Tenassa Leggings Loot Icon
Tenassa Leggings
Yoroi Armor -- -- --

Four and more slots

Loot Armor Type Chest, Abdomen, Upper Arms, Lower Arms
Alduressa Armor --
Amuli Armor --
Celdon Armor --
Chainmail Armor Chainmail Hauberk Loot Icon
Chainmail Hauberk
Chiran Armor --
Diforsa Armor Diforsa Hauberk Loot Icon
Diforsa Hauberk
Haebrean Armor --
Knorr Academy Armor --
Koujia Armor --
Leather Armor Leather Jerkin Loot Icon
Leather Jerkin
Lorica Armor --
Nariyid Armor --
Olthoi Alduressa Armor --
Olthoi Amuli Armor --
Olthoi Celdon Armor --
Olthoi Koujia Armor --
Platemail Armor Platemail Hauberk Loot Icon
Platemail Hauberk
Scalemail Armor Scalemail Hauberk Loot Icon
Scalemail Hauberk
Studded Leather Armor Studded Leather Coat Loot Icon
Studded Leather Coat
Tenassa Armor --
Yoroi Armor --

Covenant Armor and Olthoi Armor

Loot Armor Type Head Chest Upper Arms Lower Arms Hands Abdomen Upper Legs Lower Legs Feet
Covenant Armor Covenant Helm Icon Covenant Helm Covenant Breastplate Icon Covenant Breastplate Covenant Pauldrons Icon Covenant Pauldrons Covenant Bracers Icon Covenant Bracers Covenant Gauntlets Icon Covenant Gauntlets Covenant Girth Icon Covenant Girth Covenant Tassets Icon Covenant Tassets Covenant Greaves Icon Covenant Greaves Covenant Sollerets Icon Covenant Sollerets
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Olthoi Helm Loot Icon Olthoi Helm (Loot) Olthoi Breastplate Loot Icon Olthoi Breastplate (Loot) Olthoi Pauldrons Loot Icon Olthoi Pauldrons (Loot) Olthoi Bracers Loot Icon Olthoi Bracers (Loot) Olthoi Gauntlets Loot Icon Olthoi Gauntlets (Loot) Olthoi Girth Loot Icon Olthoi Girth (Loot) Olthoi Tassets Loot Icon Olthoi Tassets (Loot) Olthoi Greaves Loot Icon Olthoi Greaves (Loot) Olthoi Sollerets Loot Icon Olthoi Sollerets (Loot)
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