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Arrgkh Mearrgkh
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Chieftain of a Virindi altered Mosswart Tribe. He delivered Candeth Martine to the Virindi for their experiments. Martine later took revenge by killing Arrgkh.[1]

  • Arrgkh grew up on the Mosswart world, in a tribe protecting a special Tribal Shroud, depicting the first free Mosswart who had escaped from his alien captors and freed the rest of his people.[1]Arrgkh Mearrgkh's father was the Chieftain of this tribe, and Arrgkh Mearrgkh was trained well in all the arts necessary to successfully lead the tribe. He was a skilled hunter and tracker, and he was an excellent warrior.[1]
  • One day, a portal to another world appeared, and Arrghk's father and his tribe went into this portal.[1]
  • Arrgkh's father fell while defending the Shroud from a massive Banderling attack. Arrgkh assumed the Chieftain's duties, as he was born to do, and other Mosswarts who had been portalled into the new world took the spots of the fallen, and the tribe survived. The Shroud was kept safe always.[1]
  • One day, the Mosswarts no longer died. After this change, the tribe grew and prospered, and Arrgkh Mearrgkh became a wise and powerful chief, one who sought to ensure the continued prosperity of his people and continued sanctity of the Shroud. [1]
  • Eventually he met with a group of Virindi, which the Mosswarts called no-smells, because they were distinguished mainly by their complete lack of smell. The Virindi promised him power, if he could deliver a human captive. After successfully capturing and handing over this human (Candeth Martine)[2][3][4], Arrgkh Mearrgkh was granted abilities beyond anything he had ever thought possible.[1]
  • Another deal he made with the Virindi was to deliver them Mosswarts of his tribe to be altered. Though at first he thought this was a great deal, later he got doubts because it became less easier to rule the altered Mosswarts, and he didn't want to share his power.[1]
  • Arrgkh stopped sending his subjects to the Virindi. He took his people, now strong with Mire-Witches and Soultrappers away from their stronghold in which they had been staying after the delivery of the prisoner, and found a new lair.[1]
  • There he was found by Candeth Martine after Martine escaped the Virindi, and, being forced to give up the Shroud, died a painful dead at Martine's hands. The Shroud was ripped to pieces.[1][5]
  • Most probably, he was succeeded by Gragghk, since this Mosswart Chieftain drops the now Torn Mosswart Shroud and Storytelling.[Citation Needed]

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Altered Mosswarts because Arrghk gave them to the virindi for experiments[Citation Needed]:



Torn Mosswart Shroud Icon Torn Mosswart Shroud


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