Asheron's Call Community Wiki

The ACCW strives to document how the game existed at the time of closure. The ACCW also contains historical information. This wiki is not intended to be a guide for any emulation projects, past or present.


Because Asheron's Call closed in 2017, sources of new information can be hard to find. For a variety of reasons, emulators are not valid sources of information.

Valid sources include any of the following, if and only if they were originally created/captured on the retail servers:

  • Screenshots.
  • Chat logs.
  • Video recordings.
  • Packet captures.

Whenever adding new information to the wiki, please use the edit comment and the talk page to provide your source.

Emulator Content

This wiki does not cover information regarding any AC emulator projects. The reasons for this are:

  1. There are multiple emulator projects, which vary both in how they emulate servers and what content has been recreated. There is not a "base" emulator that the wiki could document.
  2. Within a given emulator project, there are continual updates. This makes it difficult to keep the wiki accurate and up-to-date to a given emulator project.
  3. Each individual server may not apply updates as quickly as possible. This makes it impossible for the wiki to accurate for every server, and could create an edit-war situation.
  4. Many servers have implemented custom content, including both editing existing content and creating entirely new content. This makes it difficult for an individual contributor to know what existed at the end of retail, and what may be unique to their server.

Given all the variation available on emulators, the only fair and unbiased stance for content on this wiki is to document end of retail.

Characters, Players, Allegiances

Articles dedicated to a single player character, player, or allegiance will be deleted. The Asheron's Call Community Wiki is dedicated to providing information about the Asheron's Call game world, not the players and allegiances that inhabitted it.

Historical information on allegiances that existed on the retail servers can be added to a given server's article: Darktide, Frostfell, Harvestgain, Leafcull, Morningthaw, Solclaim, Thistledown, Verdantine, and Wintersebb.

Information about famous players/characters can be added to Noteworthy Players.

If you wish to create articles on your own characters, do so on your user page. If you wish to link to another player or player character, link to their user page on the wiki.

Deletion, Rollbacks, and Renames

Articles and images which do not follow the Naming Conventions may be deleted or renamed.

Edits to articles that do not follow the content guidelines will be rolled back to the previous edit.