Cuirass of the Green Mire Warrior

From 11-02-1999

The Green Mire Warrior was a mysterious Sho spearman who was known for his bravery. He would fight powerful foes with reckless abandon, and would often laugh while doing so, even when his wounds were grievous and death seemed certain. He is a central figure in many Sho stories and songs, but even so, he remains an enigmatic figure, clad in armor the color of polished jade, wielding his yari with a master's skill.

The Green Mire Warrior perished—in battle, of course—some years ago in the swamps north of Shoushi. He was buried with his armor and spear, but robbers have since looted his grave. Much of his regalia has not been seen since, but some pieces have been found. One such item, a cuirass of yoroi armor said to be as light as leather and enchanted to protect the wearer from acid, passed from one vagabond or warrior to another for years, but has disappeared again in the Blackmire Swamp. It would be a fine prize for the adventurer who recovered it.  

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