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From 11-02-1999

When the Sho realm was first founded in Dereth, it was not as expansive as it is today: in the past few years, its frontiers have pushed outward to encompass much of south-eastern Osteth. In the process, however, some towns that once flourished from being on the realm's outskirts have found themselves well within its boundaries, their prosperity fading. Nanto, once a flourishing town on the realm's southern border, has lost much of its vibrancy as towns such as Mayoi and Lin sprang up farther afield. Its merchants have since grown accustomed to the slower pace of life in the interior, and are more than happy with their location on the road between Hebian-To and the new frontier—especially since the danger of attack from ornery Lugians has faded as well.

Points of Interest

  • The Blue Ghost Falls lie to the west of Nanto, appearing to spring from the earth like blood from a wound. Here, the wizard Kushina Naidu slew a Gigas Lugian Warlord, then perished if his own wounds. Some locals claim to have seen Kushina's spirit standing on the shores of the pool beneath the falls.
  • When the Sho first Settled Nanto, they found the gateway to a disused underground outpost in the hills to the south. The Empyrean evidently used it as a dungeon for housing prisoners, though it is not known who might have been incarcerated there. For a time, while Nanto was a frontier village, the Sho also imprisoned miscreants there. They have since abandoned it, and it is now infested with Drudges.

Sho Towns

From 11-02-1999

Sho towns can be found in the southeast part of Dereth:
Baishi is a town surrounded by woodland.
Hebian-To is a young city at the mouth of the River Prosper.
Mayoi is nestled in the base of the Tou Peninsula.
Sawato is a village built within the Blackmire Swamp.

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