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From 11-02-1999

Last of the three heritage groups to arrive in Dereth, the Sho made their home south of the Blackmire Swamp, where Mosswart raiders had thwarted settlement by the Aluvians to the north. To provide protection from these and other creatures for the fledgling village of Hebian-To, the warlord Ijiku Tambai built a fortress nearby called Yaosai. In time, once the Sho had successfully pushed back the Mosswarts, the need for a fortress disappeared. Parts of Yaosai's walls were torn down and used to build huts. The new town, mockingly called Shoushi or "small place" has since outgrown that moniker and is thriving as a waypoint between Hebian-To and the western Sho holdings.

Points of Interest

  • The Yard of Three Elders, once the center of Yaosai, is now a place of peace and reflection. Both it and the Spire of Serenity to the north are havens for Sho men and women who wish to meditate on their relationship with the celestial Dragon, Kirin, and Firebird.
  • Adventurers, while spelunking a complex of natural cave in the wilds to the south, accidentally broke through into a set of ruined catacombs. The survivors of the expedition have reported this dungeon to be aswarm with Drudges and Shreth.
Shoushi Sketch
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