The Story of Asheron's Call

From 07-18-2005

The legendary magician Asheron has summoned many to Dereth; only the bravest have answered the call. Here, warriors battle creatures of awesome might, magicians will discover magical items and create new spells, and treasure hunters will seek out precious relics. Quests will impel adventurers to uncover the wealth and lore of legend. Adventurers will form allegiance and fellowships, for often many can accomplish what one alone cannot.


In ancient times, a powerful race, the Empyrean, flourished across the island of Dereth. Their empire fell into ruin, however, when the wizard Gaerlan opened a portal that ushered in hordes of monsters, the Olthoi. Asheron, whom many considered the most powerful mage alive, cast a spell that transported the Empyreans to the mysterious depths of portal space, though he himself remained behind.

This spell had an unintended side effect, however. The Empyreans' flight to safety accidentally summoned many other creatures to Dereth - among them humans. At first the Olthoi enslaved the humans, but a band of rebels, led by noblewoman Elysa Strathelar and the warrior Thorsten Cragstone, chose to fight. Aided by Asheron's magic, they slew the Olthoi queen and won freedom, though it cost Thorsten his life.

Sixteen years later, Elysa has assumed the throne of Dereth, while Asheron's whereabouts are unknown. Unable to return home, humans have created a society based on the world they left behind. In their time in this realm, they have defeated a great many foes and have grown into a force of immense power. The world is under their control. Or so they thought...

Ispar: The World that Was

Humans are not native to Dereth. Instead, they come from the world of Ispar, home of many different cultures, including the warlike Aluvians, the scholarly Gharu'ndim, the peaceful Sho, and the empire-building Viamontians.

Some time ago, strange magical vortices began to appear in Ispar. They opened briefly, long enough to lull passersby into a sense of inescapable curiosity. Once ensnared within the portal's magical energies, these people were hurtled across the reaches of space to the land of Dereth. From the poorest peasants to the highest nobles, no one was spared.

At first, these vortices appeared only in Aluvia, but over time they spread to the Gharu'n, Sho, and Viamontian realms. Their spread may well continue into stil other realms.

Dereth: The World That Is

The isle of Dereth is a small land on the world of Auberean. When humans first arrived on this isle, it was a land of ruins, overrun with dire creatures. Faced with the prospect that they might never return to Ispar, humans have set about making the island their new home. They have built towns and outposts, carving out small pockets of safety in a perilous world.

Though the Empyrean have left, some of what they wrought remains. Magic flows through the land. Mystical portals, akin to the vortices that first brought humans to Dereth, allow their users to travel great leagues in but moments. Even death is different here: enchanted lifestones bind the spirits of those who use them, allowing the dead to be resurrected, albeit in a weaker form. Other strange magic is sure to be found amid the ruins of Empyrean Society.

The World That Could Be

In their time on this world, the Isparians have defeated many foes and established a powerful realm. But an enemy from their past — the brutal and vicious Viamontians — have recently found their way to Auberean. They have been trapped on an archipelago north of Dereth for many years. With the aid of shadowy allies, they watched as Queen Elysa increased the power of her realm with the help of the land's most powerful monarchs.

For eight years, the Viamontians have strengthened their armies and laid their plans. For the barrier separating their island chain from the lands of the Bloodless has just shattered, and a long forgotten war is about to be renewed.  

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