Introduced:  Verdict Related Quests:  Gaerlan's Citadel Updated:  The Reaping
Asheron's Platinum Golem
Asheron's Platinum Golem Live
Race Golem
Location 57.8N 48.4E
Level 710
Strength 380
Endurance 340
Coordination 330
Quickness 250
Focus 250
Self 285
Health 460
Stamina 511
Mana 596


  • Route: Inside the valley where Gaerlan's Citadel crashed, you need to kill a level segregated golem who will open a brief portal to the valley. See Gaerlan's Citadel for details.
  • When spoken to, he gives an Imbued Pyreal Nugget.
  • You will not be able to enter any of the Ziggurats until you have spoken to him.
  • During the The Reaping event Asheron's Platinum Golem was changed and now checks for full inventory before giving the Imbued Ornate Seal & Citadel Portal Gem.

Lore & Dialog

Asheron's Platinum Golem tells you, "Though lord Asheron does not condone the horror wrought upon him, I have been placed here to assist those that would strike down the undead form of Gaerlan."
Asheron's Platinum Golem tells you, "Where once he meant to control the world and destroy my lord Asheron, now he suffers for eternity, now he has been given over unwillingly to the carrion call of the undead by Nuhmudira."
Asheron's Platinum Golem tells you, "Enter and activate the Platinum golems so they may hold the citadel open for you as you progress. You will need this to awaken my brethren within. When they are awake you shall be asked to past the tests that all must face to pass deeper into the citadel."
Asheron's Platinum Golem tells you, "The portals into the citadel's inverted ziggurat lay nearby. Complete this task and the magic within the pyreal will allow Asheron's voice to enter you. I will speak to you more once this is accomplished."
Asheron's Platinum Golem gives you Imbued Pyreal Nugget.

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