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Introduced:  Toward Ancient Shores Related Quests:  Asheron's Tower Guardian Updated:  Recollections
Asheron's Servant
Non-Player Killer
Asheron's Servant Live.jpg
Race Elemental
Title Guardian of the White Tower
Location Asheron's Castle
Level 130
Strength 245
Endurance 220
Coordination 215
Quickness 210
Focus 235
Self 230
Health 190
Stamina 330
Mana 270


Lore & Dialog

Asheron's Servant tells you, "You have spoken with my master. There is no more I can tell you. Please investigate the Quiddity Seeds and return as quickly as possible."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "You may test yourself against the Tower Guardian if you wish. It will learn a great deal by battling your best warriors and mages."

Asheron's Servant tells you, "Well done! The Tower Guardian learned alot from its last fight with you."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "You have been of great service to my master and shall henceforth be known as a "Guardian of the Tower""

Retired Dialog
Asheron's Servant tells you, "My master has found a number of strange energy vortices in the ley lines. He has his suspicions and wants you to investigate further."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Please, go see Lord Asheron in his Sanctum below."

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