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Asheron's Tower Guardian
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 140+
Type: Solo
Starts At: Asheron's Castle
Route: Eastham to Asheron's Island portal at 17.9N, 64.3E and then use Portal to Asheron's Castle.
Repeat: Non Repeatable


Collect crystal and pyreal trophies and quest items to help maintain Asheron's Tower Guardian.

Walkthrough & Notes[]

Tower Guardian Repairs[]

  1. Enter the white tower and climb the stairs.
  2. Read the text, Mote and Crystals needed for the Golem Construction, from the table opposite Asheron's Servant.
  3. Follow the instructions and collect pyreal and crystal creature trophies in return for rewards from Asheron's Servant (see table below).

Fighting the Tower Guardian[]

  1. Ever since the Tower Guardian has been built, it can be attacked and killed. Speak afterwards with Asheron's Servant to obtain the title "Guardian of the Tower"
    • Tip: The guardian is weak to acid
    • Tip: For ranged attacks, it is best to attack from the entrance hall. The guardian is too big to enter in here and use his melee skills
Resource Points
Pyreal Mote 1
Pyreal Sliver Scored Shard Seared Shard Chilled Shard Charged Shard

Imprinting Mote Hardened Shard Brilliant Shard Solid Shard Plated Shard

Pyreal Nugget Quality Imprinting Mote 4
Cracked Shard 5
Superb Imprinting Mote 6
Pyreal Bar 8
Tiny Shard 10
Pyreal Ingot 16
Quality Pyreal Ingot 20
Small Shard 20
Crystal Fragment 40

Dungeons & Maps[]

No quest dungeons.


50 Resource Points
Experience: 99,078,618 (10% up to level 200)
Titles: Tower Guardian Architect
100 Resource Points
Experience: 99,078,618 (10% up to level 200)
200 Resource Points
Experience: 297,235,855 (30% up to level 200)
Defeat the Tower Guardian
Titles: Guardian of the Tower



Handing in Materials[]

Under 50 points[]

You give Asheron's Servant Pyreal Bar.
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Thank you for your help."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "These materials will serve me well. Please find me more and I will reward you when you've turned in 50 points of resources."

50 points[]

You give Asheron's Servant Pyreal Bar.
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Thank you for your help."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Take this small bit of knowledge in reward."
You've earned 99,078,618 experience.
Asheron's Servant tells you, "You've handed in at least fifty motes and crystals now."
Asheron's Servant awards you the title "Tower Guardian Architect".

Over 50 points[]

You give Asheron's Servant Pyreal Bar.
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Thank you for your help."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Good work. I still need more motes and crystals so if you find any please bring them to me. I'll reward you again when you've turned in 100 points of resources."

100 points[]

You give Asheron's Servant Pyreal Bar.
Asheron's Servent tells you, "Thank you for your help."
Asheron tells you, "You've handed in quite a few crystal and motes now. At least a hundred by my count."
Asheron tells you, "Take this knowledge and one of the models I made when designing the Tower Guardian."
Asheron's Servent gives you Pack Tower Guardian.
You've earned 99,078,618 experience.

200 points[]

You give Asheron's Servant Small Shard
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Thank you for your help."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "You have earned this. Take care of this shield, it was crafted long ago, before your people came to this world."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "My master has given me a little more knowledge that I will impart to you."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "These are the last rewards I have for you. If you wish to continue aiding me you can test your skills against the Tower Guardian."
Asheron's Servant gives you Shield of Perfect Light.
You've earned 297,235,855 experience.

Defeating the Tower Guardian[]

<Player> strikes the killing blow to the Tower Guardian. Its crystaline form flies apart. Each piece vanishing in a purple flash as the golem returns to its lifestone.
Asheron's Servant tells you, "Well done! The Tower Guardian learned alot from its last fight with you."
Asheron's Servant tells you, "You have been of great service to my master and shall henceforth be known as a "Guardian of the Tower""

Update History[]

Ancient Enemies

  • Quest introduced.


  • When this quest was first introduced, Lord Asheron himself would collect the materials necessary for the repairs. Now Asheron has delegated the collection of materials to his servant who resides in the main tower (not the sanctum). Once you have him enough materials to build his golem, he awarded you the title Artisan of Flame and Light.


Asheron tells you, "Welcome to my home! I owe your people a great deal. Because of you I am still able to continue my efforts to return my people to this world."
Asheron tells you, "Humans shall forever be friends with the Empyreans."
Asheron tells you, "I have been told much of what happened here while I was held captive on Bur."
Asheron tells you, "Thanks to your people the tower was well defended and with your help I was able to build a more permanent defense with my Tower Guardian."
Asheron tells you, "You may test yourself against my golem if you wish. It will learn a great deal by battling your best warriors and mages."
Asheron tells you, "If you still wish you may bring me Crystal and Pyreal that I can store for later use in repairing any damage the Guardian takes in Defense of the Castle."
Asheron tells you, "There is a note on the table here that lists the types of crystal and pyreal I can store for the future."

Asheron forms the head of the golem.
Well done Tenchi Rei! For being the final contributor to my creation you shall be known as an "Artisan of Flame and Light."
Tenchi Rei turns in the final resource Asheron needs to build his golem. Asheron prepares to activate his golem on his island to the east.
Asheron says, "I must go and retrieve my new golem's weapon. I shall return in a few moments."