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Introduced:  Recollections Related Quests:  Knorr Quiddity Seed Quest
Non-Player Killer
Asheron (Knorr Quiddity Seed) Live
Race Empyrean
Title Master of the Lyceum
Location Knorr Quiddity Seed
Level 710
Strength 400
Endurance 600
Coordination 300
Quickness 100
Focus 500
Self 600
Health 900
Stamina 990
Mana 5000


Lore & Dialog

Asheron tells you, "I must protect my people, but these attacks weaken me."

Asheron says, "We have but a short time before the nightmare begins again."

Asheron sighs deeply. "The Beast with Many Heads turns its minds from our thoughts and dreams to our physical forms. He is coming. I am but a memory of a minor player in the battle between the light and the darkness."
Asheron turns dreamily to look at you.
Asheron looks down at his hand as he pulls something from his pocket.
Asheron tells you, "I remember the people of your world. We have been watching your race with great hope. You have so much potential. Your people are among the few in the known worlds that may be able to save mine."
Asheron gives you Empyrean Spherule.
Asheron tells you, "Give this to my emissary in the waking world. It will help me remember. I often wish to forget the horrors I have seen which is why Aerbax has had so much success in invading my mind. I must not forget. My people are depending on me."

Asheron tells you, "My mind is clear of his influence for the moment. I remember you as if in a dream my friend. Thank you for you help."
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